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Sunday, 24 January 2016


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I grew into manhood wanting to live a "National Geographic" life style.
Other things became a reality and the dream a frustration. I now have a good life and travel from my beautiful home (Tasmania) to distant lands 2-3 times a year at least for street and landscape photography. Guess what? Natinal Geo life style without deadlines, editors or unwanted assignments.
I often wonder if I had my wish earlier/younger if I might have missed the deeper and more satisfying things I have now.

I was minding my own business, and Reading TOP......

......so first you gave me 20 mil
.......Then you told me I had to give half away
.....then you told me to make meticulous plans for it, -take a week of my life and make a spending plan
.......Then you told me I didn't need it, and to do the stuff I planned with money I already had.
.......But I already had that money and was doing stuff with it ALREADY
....so now I feel like I almost had half of 20 mil. but it fell through.
......and Now you tell me how much better I should feel for not having Any of it.
.....and it took 2 weeks to find out.......
Well, just so you know, that Fiat 124 Spyder I was buying you for all the great work at Top, Didn't make the cut either.

....and that's the last money I take from you.... I'm done ; -))

My wife used to run corporate workshops. One question she always asked was, "What is the experience you want from doing or obtaining something new?" This falls right in line with your post, I think. Her followup question was the same as yours, Mike. Given your present time and resources, how can you begin to have that experience? I use this every time GAS rears its ugly head. Usually the antidote is to just go make more photos, or whatever is appropriate to the craving.

Gaarhead Paradise...hmm...must be trip to the B&H store in Manhattan.

Lovely post Mike...

A very interesting exercise! One of my dreams is to be able to drive across Canada (at least once). So far, the daydreaming has been, possibly, more pleasurable than the actual experience would be - maybe. So far, I have a partial list of roadside attractions, but I haven't decided on my dream car.

Hey Mike,

It is a nice thought, but, and I fear I speak for too many of my generation in saying this, my number one item, "pay off student loan debt," really does preclude me from seriously considering the rest of my list. Especially with a child now, it is an extravagance to upgrade my Fuji XE-1 to a Fuji XT-10. It is an extravagance mostly justified by my confidence that the XT-10 will get a considerably higher percentage of shots of said child (21 months last Friday) in focus, and largely paid for with the sale of unused gear and "Christmas Money," which all too often just joins "regular money" and pays rent and buys diapers. But I'm about to pull the trigger on the most extravagant thing I could imagine doing absent a windfall, which is also something I would not have put on my list.

I guess if I replace "buy X-Pro 2 and many Fuji lenses" with "buy newer Fuji camera and no new lenses" then I'm kinda hitting one point on my list.

Either way, I'm betting big on the AF being much better on the XT-10. I'm told it is. If I get 25 keepers that my XE-1 wouldn't have (and it sadly misses a lot, for both speed and accuracy) in the year after I buy it, it will have been worth it. Damn, kids grow up so fast!

I'd like to rent a railway car from VIA Rail (Canada's passenger rail service) and have a succession of trains pull me across Canada, stopping overnight or more along the way so I rent cars and visit local areas. I believe that they have luxury rail cars with beds and showers and such. Wouldn't it be cool to phone up a dispatcher and ask them to hook up your railcar to the next train going west?

I'd give a ton of money to those nature organizations that buy up sensitive land to prevent it from being condo-ized.

I'd lease different cars for 6 months at a time each.

I'd fund, or do myself, a project to tally up all the money spent on gambling, dope, corporate subsidies, lobbying, then compare it to the amount of money that would be required to pay off the government debt and pay for everyone's medical needs, including those services not already covered by Canadian health care. Then I'd buy full page ads telling everyone about it until the money ran out.

I read in a newspaper article about 10 years ago that the amount of money required to inoculate all children in Ontario against viral meningitis was equivalent to a week's take at some casino or other.


It's one of the best pieces you wrote. Touching.

- Frank

One of your best posts, ever! and it is so true and so human-scale.

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