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Sunday, 03 January 2016


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What ? You mean you haven't tried Russian car crashes or " Instant Karma Instant Justice " ?

My suggestion for the videos you think look interesting is to mark them to watch later -- you'll probably find you won't want watch most of them when you check back.

I got a minute-forty into Thelonius Monk and then I asked, "Kurt, what the hell are you doing!?!"

[The video that spools up after that is Mingus and Eric Dolphy, if anything even better. --Mike]

My non-binge faves: Samantha Bee's promo for her new show with the Trump tattoo, and Jerry Seinfeld having coffee with the President.

I struggle to sit down to watch any tv or dvd for longer than an hour, but recently found ALL episodes of "Watching", a British romantic comedy from the late 80s/early 90s, on YouTube .... some 30 hours of the stuff. I watched the lot, in sequence, in two sessions! A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.

I binge-watched YouTube last night despite myself. I was checking out Stones videos and I found one that accompanied some amazing still photos of the Vietnam war -- and also on the list of related videos that pops up next to it, all kinds of music with Vietnam images. Some of the photography is terrific, as is some of the music (if you're a child of the 60s.)

Google "Rolling Stones" "Vietnam" "Youtube"

The first episode of "Watching" -


To 'Stephen Gilbert': You can change a few letters but we all know it's you, Colbert, promoting an old Daily Show cohort!
(Yes, I'm teasing *and* a dog, since it's hard to tell this things on the net.) :D

Oh, this is a good resolution! I might have to incorporate that into my "better time management" - which is often undermined by youtube ;)

I use the fuji 90 mm, 23mm and 16mm every day for exec portraits, The 90 is mostly mounted on body, love the lens, so sharp. GB.


The Chrysler Turbo Encabulator

[You're not helping, Dave. --Mike]

This is why my resolutions for 2016 are to go broke and gain weight.

The Don McCuullin videos are VERY interesting! Thanks for posting the links. (Yeah, I know, more YouTube...)

Just read your update, laughed, and then had to watch the McCullin video. This stuff is catching. It was fun to see, though. Love his line about shooting a dark room with film and "what spoonful of light you've been given for the day."

My new year's resolution is the 5:1 rule. I am not allowed near YouTube unless I've done a solid 5 hours real work, and then, only for an hour.

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