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Friday, 29 January 2016


It's good to know that sports and nature photos are no true Scotsmen.

I was wondering.

Hey Mike. Laforet's series of Aerial NYC pictures is all telephoto.



One more.


I believe you may have the name of Gossage's book wrong. Should be There and Gone?

[Thanks—fixed now. —Mike]

The thing about potatoes, as with all crops really, is that their beauty lies in their diversity https://www.flickr.com/photos/123751526@N02/albums/72157644627500201

Certainly a potato is a difficult thing to photograph and make interesting, but a few years ago I did my annual calendar for friends using cross-sections of fruits and veggies. This was the potato photo - a purple variety, backlit on a light table.

There was a photographer active on the West Coast in the 40's and 50's named Max Yavno, some of whose work was done on 8x10 with telephoto lenses. I remember seeing a monograph of his work in the 1980's. Rixon Reed at Photo-Eye Books in Santa Fe probably has it.

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