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Wednesday, 27 January 2016


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Missed your first heads up. How about a link?

Dammit man! How much money are you going to cost me this year?

Not that it really matters. It's always been money WELL spent.

That's a good tease, Mike. I can't wait to see what the book is, whether or not it's something I'm interested in.

But you know what we're all really anticipating is the unveiling of the new warm hat.

I enjoyed the show on New Years Eve day, and figured I'd order the book from Amazon after I got back home. Seems like that window closed!

Fundación Mapfre always does a great job both programmineg photographic axhibitions and editing catalogs. In the last years we have got the oportunity of seeing exhibitions of photographer like Hanri Cartier Bresson, Walker Evans, Garry Winnogrand, Lissete Model...

There are a few copies (5) of the Coburn book available at one of the bookstores here in Toronto if someone was interested enough that they wanted to pay shipping etc.

Could you post the ISBN for Anne Cartier-Bresson's "technical Atlas" as I can't find any reference to it...

[Hi Chas,
It's an appendix in the ALC book. Describes the techniques and processes ALC used. --Mike

Is the "Technical Atlas" by any chance an English translation of her 2007 "Le vocabulaire technique de la photographie"?

Amazon now lists the Coburn catalog as backordered and due back in stock on Jan. 31

The Book Depository still has the Spanish edition in stock. Speaking of which, you still mention them on your affiliates page but don't seem to have an affiliate link anymore. Can we still support TOP through them?

[Yes, and there are two links on the Affiliates page--one up top and one farther down. --Mike]

It might be a problem on my side, but I don't see links to The Book Depository. I see them being mentioned, but no link.
The plot thickens: I do see the links in the HTML source but not in "normal" viewing. Ah, the link does show up on my tablet so clearly the problem is on my computer. Sorry for the noise.

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