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Tuesday, 01 December 2015


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I have those two first Hawaii prints. I bought them for my daughter who was doing her Masters in Geology (rejuvenated volcanism around Kauai) at UH at the time. (a little girl who came home from school in grade 1 saying Mt. Baker was going to explode that night and we'd all be killed - her teacher told her). It didn't and from that day volcanoes held her interest.

I see that those two pictures every day - they're where I have breakfast. The colours still glow in the morning light.

I must be a bad dad. I liked them so much, I kept them.

Very glad hell froze over.

I got stuck on "Saturn Run" somewhere between page 100 and 200 from all that copious scientific detail. (It was like the infamous book report on penguins.)
I pre-ordered it when Mike featured it and really looked forward to reading it -- maybe someday I'll go back and finish it.

Life turns on a dime, and clichés sometimes contain a germ of truth.

I wish I had known about TOP then. I feel like I've missed a lot.

[Ctein replies: Well, there's no one stopping you from going all the way back to the beginning and reading forward [s].]

I've been along for the ride, as a mainly silent observer, for all of it (having transitioned, somewhat grumpily at the time, from the 37th Frame). This blog introduced me to Ctein, other talented writers, and a remarkably congenial readership. Heck, it's the only blog that I bother to read the comments on. I, too, am very glad that hell froze over - for Ctein and for all of us.

Just bought the audiobook of "Saturn Run", and it will get queued up just as soon as I'm done with the latest Kim Stanley Robinson. Hell, I hear this Sanford guy who wrote the book with my favorite technical photography writer may written a few other books; maybe I'll give him a chance if I like this one...

Just finished "Saturn Run" (Audible). I liked it alot. The prolog about the science was very intriguing, I'm glad for that addition at the end.

BTW, I have one of those prints on my wall ... love it.

Really delighted for both of you to read this. Very heart-warming tale.

I pre-ordered "Saturn Run" the day Mike posted about it and read it in two days when it came out. Great story, great ideas and fun, fun science. I loved it. When's the sequel come out?

A wonderful ride for this reader too, having followed both of you since the magazine days & Post Exposure. A lot of great writing by both of you, and a lot of great reading for me,--along with the ability to occasionally contribute to the community you have created here.
I bought that first Dye Transfer offering as well as other offerings through the years (including one of Mike's, so perhaps I should display them together for a Top Birthday Celebration......

For any person who finds satisfaction in attempting to make pictures that are more than records of time and place, the process begins with how you think, then moves to how you see.
The two of you, along with many in the community you have nurtured, contributed greatly to the 'thinking part' for me and ,I'm sure, others.
Please know that I and many others are Grateful
Happy Birthday

PS the new place looks lovely, and speaking of Science Fiction, was that a space age fridge with Ice & water without even opening the thing..........
Great Good Luck

@ Mike: "My non-knuckle-damaging new new house, built A.D. 1880, has 600 sq. feet more than the shoebox."

My entire single story place has 600 sq. feet in total! There's just me here. A second bedroom would be nice, though at the moment plans are afoot to increase the garden shed space by 20%, or by 70% counting the open fronted firewood/building wood/garden things store/back porch.

I did consider propane for heating and cooking, but the arrangement of my rear windows and back door don't allow enough room for the gas bottles under UK legislation. My dad moved into a house with propane heating and he too found it to be expensive.

I would love to stop by, if I ever get to your side of the pond.

I loved Saturn Run. Those ribbon radiators just blew my mind. To have John Camp's story telling and Ctein's science (and, I'm sure, additions to the writing) made it a fun read.

I own the poster print of the bridge that was offered a few years ago. It hangs on the back of the door of the room where I print to show me I shouldn't be satisfied...ever.

Every few months, it seems, I have to relearn the fact that all the interesting things in life happen in the most unexpected and unpredictable ways. That seems to have been the case with the story of Ctein's appearance on TOP. (And the appearance of TOP itself, to some extent.) I'm really glad that Ctein got to write for the site – good for Ctein, TOP and readers.

Ctein: your writing and prints have been very important for me – thank you! As well as the excellent prints I own and the countless articles I've read, enjoyed and learned from, I am looking forward to reading a science fiction book for the first time in a few decades. There's no space in this apartment so I no longer allow myself physical books that aren't photo books (your 'Photo Restoration' slipped in before the ban) so I eagerly await an electronic edition. (If you're not planning one, I'll happily get the audio version.)

Thanks so much to you both for everything so far.

[Ctein replies: Bahi, SATURN RUN was published by Putnams as an ebook the same day it came out in hardcover.]

Thanks, Ctein—probably international differences causing the difficulty. I'm in London and Saturn Run is not available from Amazon UK in anything other than hardback or audio CD. It's not on the UK iBooks store or on the Google Play store in the UK. I hadn't thought to look on Putnam's own site till now; there's a 'Buy from' option but none of the sources are available to me in the UK, except B&N, which has a Nook version that's not very useful for me.

It's probably just a question of timing—if there's a paperback release, perhaps the eBook might become available at the same time here. I knew that this sort of thing happened with films but am surprised it applies to electronic books—I've clicked the UK Amazon button that says 'I'd like to read this book in Kindle format' and which supposedly triggers a message to the publisher from Amazon. I'm sure it'll appear eventually. (I'll email you to let you know if it appears.)

I bought that print ! I wanted to see what Dye Transfer" looked like ; I also have your hair.

[Ctein replies: Kenneth- Not so! I just checked in the mirror, and it's all still here!]

No greater praise for this blog than that it helped to put a (bigger) roof over your head, and deservedly so. Congrats on reaching 10.

[Ctein replies: Ade-- In my case, more like under my feet {g}, but we both appreciate the sentiment. Thanks!]

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