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Friday, 04 December 2015


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Why do these prints appear to be in 4x5 format when the originals are surely 35mm?

'...10:00 a.m. Saturday in Perth'

Thanks Mike.

I prevaricated about this until the last minute but just got in under the wire.

Compared to what I just spent, I'm a first time buyer this year of any print other in books, of a Curtis, this is great value especially since Paris has so much emotional connection for my wife and I.

It's the city we first met in back in 1998. Thank you for offering this print and I'm happy some proceeds are going to the Red Cross.


Love Peter's work ... sadly already had the two prints you have in the sale, and the newspaper reader photo you have shown in this post is also on my wall ...
Please convince him to do another print sale ... I don't have any of his Cuban photos (hint, hint).

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