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Wednesday, 23 December 2015


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Keep forgetting how good a socialist country can be; health insurance paid by the government. Here you can obtain additonal insurance, if you wish.
So far have not required to do so.

As to the other expenses, mortgage, yep got one of those, however no children or significant other than I know of hence no tutions to be paid.

As to the review process; hopefully the business shall expand and become lucrative.
You have the qualifications and too, many who yearn to improve could perhaps use Assistance.

Not me, although you're geographically closer. Am sort, and bundling 15,000 odd
colour slides of railway transportation items taken over the years, to give to those so interested. All catalogued; had thought of the eBay route however here in Canada, such a direction could cost me more than it is worth to post the images.

You have a good Christmas, Mike; and the best for 2016.

Though procrastination and excuse-making be my finest skills, I can't help thinking that a combined "roadtrip/vacation in beautiful part of home state/portfolio review/inspirational plan/meet-up with guy responsible for much procrastination" might be a really cool thing to plan into the new year.

I'm sitting here thinking, isn't it neat that such a business exists. Even if I had the talent or know-how to give advice (in any field), it would never have occurred to me that anyone would be willing to pay me to tell them what I know. Good for you, sounds like it's a good thing for all parties involved.

[Just based on your comments here over the years, I might pay you to tell me what you know. [g]. Just sayin'. --Mike]

TOP has given us Christmas all year so it is apropos that I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful and successful New Year.
Mi dos pesos.

Mike, I don't think more than a third of the students who take private workshops with me are "local" in the sense of not needing to stay over because of distance. France, Brazil, Mexico, or plane-flight US locations all are in the mix. As with your reviews, people really interested are willing to travel. Of course, as with your location, western CT isn't exactly a nasty place to visit and look at.

I think you meant to say "*at least* as interesting and accomplished as her husband." :-)


Off-topic, but timely: May you have the happiest of Christmases, and the same for the New Year.

These are all secondary businesses Mike. Your true calling is to bartend at your own pub called F. Stop Fitzgerald's. Free portfolio reviews with stiff expensive drinks.

Living in Canada, I often think that life is pretty much the same as in the USA, but every so often I get jarred by a line like: "I just got health insurance for the first time since I struck out on my own." Sometimes I forget how fortunate I am to have health care covered at a reasonable rate; the $80 a month that I pay in British Columbia is less than my cell-phone bill, and if my income was too low to afford that, I'd still be covered.

Fortune comes in many forms though: your son is fortunate to have a father who cares and can afford to give him an education. My parents helped me out by giving me a place to live through university, allowing me to work and pay for school without going into debt. Instead of spending years paying off student loans, I can now save up for a down payment on a starter apartment(with the odd bit of cash set aside to fund my lens habit ;) ). It makes a world of difference.

Well now, you've gone and given me a reason to create a portfolio.

Thanks, I needed that.


Keep forgetting how good a socialist country can be; health insurance paid by the government.

Well, no. We still pay for it through tax. But in my opinion, it's much better than the American system which seems to exist primarily for the benefit of insurance companies.

It means you can go to see your doctor, get sent to a consultant, have x-rays, CAT scans etc. then surgery followed by post surgery care and you will be no worse off for it. No one should be bankrupted just for becoming ill.

Being familiar with room prices in DC and Boston, the rates at La Belle Vie for a room at that quality level look like a steal really. My wife and I are planning a road trip after she gets her BA this fall and before she starts her Masters. Looks like I've found a place to stay when we hit that region next October.

Insurance, yeah didn't turn out like it was promised as I found out when mine got destroyed. I had Cadillac insurance for two at fair, affordable prices and now have mandated crap at twice the price and FOUR TIMES the deductible)

Glad you're starting to get some business. Being a self-employed business owner with one employee (me) nights can get long when you don't have a backlog of jobs. But the freedom of answering only to myself is worth the "white nights".

Merry Christmas and enjoy your summer weather. I'm sure you know what your in for come future winters.

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