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Friday, 18 December 2015


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Lets hope that a good job as a photographer funded with "taxpayer" money doesn't get too much notice, otherwise there may be a congressional investigation! These are highly volatile times we live in, after all.
And about those 'goodies' recieved from the equipment rental folks? I hope they don't distract you too much, though I would look forward to lens test posts, or just about any other "test" post for that matter.
But I recall a promise way back when, and I'm too lazy to bother to try and find it; where you had mentioned an up coming 'teaching essay' on photography improvement, which I had been really looking forward to. You even had a title for it, but I'll be darned if a can remember what it was.
And while I'm at it, have a great holiday, however you wish to celebrate!

As someone who works for a government agency (sort of), they'll do the damnest to hire you at the bottom of the salary range. They have all sorts of reasons, they tell you, why that should be so (they never tell you it's extra paperwork for them to hire you anywhere but the bottom). If anyone's applying, fight hard to be moved up the scale! Just because it's a job you love doesn't mean you shouldn't be adequately compensated for it.

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