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Thursday, 03 December 2015


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That's really useful! I learned a few things today about my lens needs, so I think I know whar to look for.

Nothing against B&H, I just received another box of fun from them Tues., but the Oly lens sale is extensive and through all their dealers, as well as their own site. Not just Friday, but through 12/26, just in case you only get a tie, socks and underwear on the 25th. ≬;~)>

Then again, they are running sales almost all the time, and lenses quite often. This may be a little better than usual, $150 off all the Pro line and several others and $100 off many more.

And I just discovered the Panny 25/1.7 isn't expected until the Ides of March.

Thanks for the tips. Unfortunately I just blew my camera/lens budget on a new phone.

Tried the Lens Day links Mike...no go.

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