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Thursday, 03 December 2015


I guess Canon figures it will make a lot of money on ink cartridges, but given how little people print these days, I just see a flood of Pixma Pro-100 printers at rock-bottom prices on Craigslist in the coming weeks.

On the monolight, the link shows a savings of $216,80, not that as the final price. Perhaps it changed since you posted it.

Not for publication: The wording of your link above indicates that the moonlight you linked to costs $216.80. It is actually a kit consisting of two monolights, two lightstands and a bag, for $498.95, after a discount of $216.80. Still a good deal, I was just confused when I originally clicked on the link and the price was different from what I expected. I tried to find the price of the individual monolights, but it seems that B&H may only sell them as part of this kit.


Obvious question but if I used the link in this post to buy an item do you get the same consideration as if I had gone to B&H through the portal on the edge of your page?

[Yep. Anything I link works that way. Well, if the link goes to B&H or Amazon, that is. --Mike]

One problem with Canon "rebates" is that they come in the form of American Express cards. Not as a check we can deposit in our bank.
Few businesses in our area take American Express due to their high fees. This makes the card almost unusable.
Canon needs to process these and send out actual checks. Epson does on its printers as do some other companies.
What would be better would be to lower the sale price the full amount and get rid of the help, paperwork and pain in the butt aspect of 'rebates' completely. That would encourage me to purchase before a rebate deal.

Thanks for the sales tips. I ordered one of the bags. Will beat it with a stick (empty)to give it a worn-in look :-)

I'm holding out for an 80% discount on a Billingham Hadley Pro.

Looks like I just got in under the wire on the Manfrotto bags. They show as back-ordered now. Thanks, Mike!

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