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Monday, 07 December 2015


The world of performance art has been strange for a long time. Gary Trudeau had a heyday lampooning it in his Doonesbury strip back in the mid-80s. By now it is 'old hat' and gallery goers aren't surprised by anything.

They didn't get "into a fight" while shopping for art. The stabber was following the victim. When the victim confronted her about being followed, she was stabbed.

The stabber, when arrested, told police she had to kill the other woman; had to see her bleed. The stabber has been charged with attempted murder.

Who the hell carries an X-Acto knife around in her handbag?

And where's the video of the attack? When that guy started stabbing people in the Tube station in London Saturday night, a train driver on the platform jumped him before the cops got there, and he got a knife wound to the neck for his efforts. He looked around for help, but everyone who hadn't split was too busy taking videos on their iThings.

If it doesn't show up on YouTube, it didn't happen.

Tells you everything you need to know. I just flat out hate contemporary and performance art. It's lazy BS.

And if that comes off Old Codger-y so be it.

Maybe we are so insensitive to violence now our expectation for entertainment has become unrealistic.

"Life imitates art far more than art imitates life".

Oscar Wilde, The Decay of Lying.

Art is in the eye of the beholder. In this case it was in the eye of the person who be holdin' the X-Acto knife.

The Art Emperor has no clothes

It was the fact that it was an X-Acto knife, an art studio staple, that must have fooled them...

How horrible! I'm glad the lady is recovering.

If you saw whatever else is on display at Art Basel it would be easier to understand how viewers might mistake this for performance art.

Who the hell carries an X-Acto knife around in her handbag?

The same sort of morons who think they should carry guns around.

Cutting edge art . . . .

Here's more detail, as mentioned by John Driggers, above: http://miami.cbslocal.com/2015/12/05/art-basel-stabbing-suspect-i-had-to-watch-her-bleed/


[Requires evaluation, but it looks on the surface like the attacker was psychotic. --Mike]

It says everything, actually.

Not at all surprising, although admittedly sickening. Creators and purveyors of contemporary art have conditioned their followers to expect, accept, and even worship just about anything as artistic expression.

Now where did I leave my dead shark?

The incident might reflect what hapened to art in mid 19th century when Gustave Courbet began painting controversial subjects, ordinary rural folk performing their usual daily tasks. All art expresses something about the human spirit, but these pieces were a shock for the many accustomed to seeing virtues costumed in fine dress, armor, and a picturesque, romantic or quaint sentiment.

The cat was out of the bag, reality art was born. Since then there's been times of confusion. It can be hard to separate our more considered feelings and thoughts from the uncertainties and ambiguities that can crowd us when we look at a slice of everyday life displayed entirely out of a context save for that of an art show.

"Gawd! That looks like real blood. I don't get it, but I'm going to stand here like this work is doing a little something for me".

LOL Kenneth,

But seriously stop bashing modern art sons and daughters of the photography guild. I've had such an experience also at a modern circus, a trapeze worker dropped.....audience laughed, trapeze worker remained on the floor, audience stopped laughing, trapeze worker was rushed to hospital, show went on a bit dimmed. At the end of the show it was anounced that the girl was fine, had a minor concusion. Send flowers to the hospital, was not alone as a picture in the paper showed the following day.

Sometimes it's hard to seperate life and art, maybe that's for the better since art should reflect life right. BTW, I like the shark.......elevated to art, better then to be turned into soup right.

Greets, Ed.

Looks like even though it was not the intention of the perpetrator, the end result was performance art. Metaphysics meets Aesthetics

What's the saying ? "If you hear hoofbeats the first thing you think of probably isn't zebras"

If you are at an art show and there is something unexpected that doesn't immediately make sense the first thing you think of is that it's probably art.

I remember a gallery in the 70's that was showing an interactive art installation that involved office equipment that you could listen to stories on, and they had to put labels on the phone and answering machine that said "this is not art". I never saw the show but the phone and answering machine became quite the conversation piece in later years.

Of course now anything with a sign on it that says "this is not art" probably is.

I overheard a couple of guards at the Whitney museum once talking about how if they stood still for a minute or so, people would walk up to them thinking they were a Duane Hanson sculpture.

Then of course there is this



“Free speech means the right to shout 'theatre' in a crowded fire.” ― Abbie Hoffman.

X-Acto knives are basic tools for art. I don't carry one with me, but I didn't find the idea of one at an art show at all peculiar. I use one almost daily on various and sundry artistic endeavors.

Usually not for stabbing people, though.

It sure would be nice if we could get past the dismissive "modern art is all crap" thing. Heard it. We know. We disagree. Let's move on with our lives.

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