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Wednesday, 09 December 2015


When people come visit, you'll be able to say, "Have a seat", and mean it.

The nephews will be arriving soon. They take opposite ends of the settee, while I sit in the middle. Their mum sits away from the action in the armchair.

At one time we could all fit on the settee together but they became too big and the wrestling, prodding and general congenial abuse we three lads share was taking up too much room.

My first requirement for a settee is that it is long enough for me to comfortably go to sleep on. That means that no settee shall enter my home unless it is a (nominal) three seater.

Ask Ailsa who wears the pants in the family and see what kind of a reaction you get! ;-)

That's a handsome couch.

Well, that certainly IS a fine-looking couch!

Amish & Mennonites are often confused; I grew up
in that part of the world in Ohio. Mennonites often brought/bring Amish workers to jobsites in their car, always an interesting experience.

But to the point...what did said couch cost?

I have the same couch but with fabric instead of leather. Had it for several years now and love it. With the back cushions removed it makes a good spare bed, too. You should put it out into the room... the back is just as beautiful.

I almost hesitate to call that couch a "piece of furniture"----what an artistic expression of a "couch". Somehow very fitting for the environment it finds itself in.

Damn that looks great! I love mission style, yet I have no mission pieces. Go figure. You know what this means, right? I'll give you a ring before I arrive to test out that spiffy couch. :)

I think I was the one that mentioned Horning (I misspelled their name, which may be why you can't find the comment). They built me four bookcases and a dining room table, all in cherry. They really do make gorgeous stuff.

[Thank you Scott! Great tip, very much appreciated. --Mike]

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