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Saturday, 05 December 2015


"... choose from these signed collector prints ..."

I like them all but my favorites are #10, #38, #5. in that order. It's the pictorialist in me!
Thanks for showing them. Ernest Theisen

Magical image.

Sheet. I don't want to create a family problem here, but as much as I love Peter's photographs, I am much more inclined to buy one of David's....

I agree about #12, #17 is really cute and funny and #38 is wonderful even with the tilted horizon, it probably wouldn't work straightened out. There are a lot of other prints there I would love to have in a book, but hanging portraits of strangers on the my wall seems strange somehow.

Thanks so much for turning me on to David's work. I always wondered who the look-alike was in some shots of Peter!

Pulitzer prize?! Holy cow! That's just one rung down from getting elected pope...

- Peter Wilson

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