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Friday, 11 December 2015


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Fab. I now have 3 prints from your sales... Still in boxes! Any chance of an article on framing options... Width and colour of wood and mountboard? I saw the corner of one of your own framed prints... Black wood and white mount... Looked good.

Hello -

I rec'd my print today. It will be a gift. Can I wrap the unopened box it shipped in and present it? Is there documentation within the box of its purchase price?


[Chris, No, there is no indicator of price within the box. --Mike]

Would you consider shopping overseas orders by USPS next time? When I tried to click the "purchase" button it did estimate the cost of shipping at roughly 80$. When you shop by anything but a simple USPS priority/first class the package is certain to hit the customs, which also means paying VAT and "presentation fee", and it totals (incl. shipping) roughly additional 250$; that makes the deal much less of a deal.

My prints arrived last week and are quite beautiful. The fact that they are of Paris (one of my favorite cities)adds to the pleasure of looking at them. Thanks for the opportunity to acquire these beautiful works of art.

I got mine today, very impressive! I just need to working on framing now :)

Got my print today of Paris from the Roof. OH JOY, just magnificent when viewed online and just gloriously MORE MAGNIFICENT when seen in person. That photo was my Grail. Quest OVER!

I'm so pissed that I couldn't afford both prints that I am starting a fund to save up for the next time Peter (hopefully) offers prints of this size on TOP. Or any size...

What a Merry Christmas it's going to be with that print over the mantle, a fire crackling in the fireplace and the air conditioning running to make it feel cold enough for a fire. 😄

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