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Tuesday, 10 November 2015


When this post showed up.on my phone, my eye went straight to the name "Xaoting Pan," and my first reaction was to wonder what you had to say about the new Chinese panchromatic film.

I dunno... this shot is even more impressive to me:


Xaoting Pan is no relation to super x pan and royal x pan then?


That is AB-SO-LUTE-LY hilarious. Well played, sir, well played.


I assume you know all about Ronnie "The Rocket" O'Sullivan, but the wider readership may not. He is a titan in snooker, and earned his sobriquet by feats such as this - the fastest 147 maximum break in history.

Sometimes the cue ball hasn't really stopped before he strikes it again. Truly astonishing. Bear in mind that this table is 12 feet long...


Emulating Ansel Adams or even HCB is easy-peasy compared to my ongoing pursuit of 1/1000 of Rocket Ronnie's prowess. His exploits are other-worldly and he is so enjoyable to watch.


Ronnie is top of the tree. He seems to see (and be able to execute) even harder shots without much thought.
Great to watch.

Very nice indeed.

The way he shot the 2-5 combination is not something I would have thought of. He shot it with enough power to send the 2-ball and cue ball around the table, presumably to shoot the 2 in the same corner where he pocketed the 1-ball.

Personally, I would have played the 2-5 with a lot less power to set up a 2-3 combination.

Ronnie's brain is uniquely wired. His number sense (geometry, trigonometry, physics) is keen. I venture to guess that his flicker rate (amount of frames per second he senses and perceives) is on the right-side of the bell curve. On top of that, he's practiced and played well over 10,000 hours. His ability exemplifies a perfect balance of nature and nurture.

OT: I wonder if highly skilled photographers are above average at billiards/snooker/pool.

So is Ronnie slumming? After seeing his exploits on the snooker table, to him 9-ball must seem ridiculously easy.

Ronnie's also quite good left-handed and is a bit of a "character"...



The date in the newspaper article for this incident is wrong, the YouTube video is correct, it was 1996. The newspaper apepars to suggest it was 2011.

In addition he managed a 100 break left-handed in tournament play.


Amazing player.

I recently made a shot like this. It was a) the first game of pool I've played in years, and 2) pretty much the only shot I made. Speaking of flukes, were we?

When does this feat occur in this 1 hour38 minute 'clip'? Thanks!

This is a compilation of Ronnie's best shots from the 2014 World Snooker Championship. I think Mike will particularly appreciate the shot shown at 10:31 :)


1 in 12? I've played recreationally for 35 years and I'm 1 in 40 on that shot (maybe)! It was beautiful.

ahem. Xiao, not Xao. When in doubt, you can always look up Pinyin syllables.

[Thanks Kathy. Fixed now. --Mike]

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