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Monday, 30 November 2015


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I think I will leave this page open for someone to discover...


Paris, 1991 is one of the prints I've ordered on a previous print sale of yours and it really is beautiful. I'd love to be able to order the bigger version and Paris, 2013 must be stunning too but, alas, I'll have to pass on this one :(

Hi Mike,

One comment and one question.

Comment: Your caption for the first photo says "Paris 1981", not "Paris 1991".

Question: Does the lower price for the "second print" apply to a purchase of a single copy of both images, or only to a two prints of the same image?

Yes, I do pick nits all the time. :-)

- Tom -

[Hi Tom, thanks for the good catch--fixed now--and, yes, "two prints" means any combination of two. You can see this in the dropdown menu on the order page. --Mike]

Last year I came into some extra money and bought these two prints from Peter, along with a third (dancers with Eiffel Tower in background), and yes, they were my first purchase of original photographs. An excellent start to being a patron of the arts.

I'm glad I had set aside some money for my Christmas present. I look forward to having both of these prints. While I don't buy during every print sale, these really caught my eye. Thanks to Peter and Michael!

I returned home late on the Friday of the attacks in Paris. Watched a bit of the news then turned it off. Usually when I get some quite time I listen to music and look at one the many photography books I have in my collection. That night I left the music off and spent about an hour looking through FRENCH KISS. Trying to give each image as much time as it deserves. My highest possible recommendation. It is a book you will return too many times.

I have a question to clarify one thing that has two possible interpretations - at least in my reading.

When you say, " The price is $450 for one print and $375 for a second one", does this apply only to two prints of the same image, or does it include the purchase of a single print of both images? I assume the latter, but I learned long ago to ask a question if not certain.

- Tom -

I purchased "Rooftops" and "Heels" from TOP's first Turnley print offer in 2010, so I won't be participating this time around (although the new "Umbrellas" print looks gorgeous).
I hope this sale does very well, and I can't imagine anyone being disappointed with these prints!

I love these prints! Wish my budget were just a little bigger; I know exactly who would get one for Christmas.

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