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Monday, 09 November 2015


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Agreed on the leaf blower thingy. I heard a priest say once that the language of God is silence!

Mike, I've taken a picture of the same piece at Corning-- had the same problem you did.

Here's my take on it: http://www.markrouleauphotos.com/p162996938/e523ca7f5

A better long-term option is to buy your own modem. The rental fee from most cable companies means a break even in less than a year. You can frequently find good ones for ~$50.


[I know you're a genius and I acknowledge it, but how does that help me? Because then when the modem dies, the guy I have to call is me, and I would have no clue how to fix it. If it belongs to TWC, at least they take care of it when it breaks. --Mike]

The Corning glass 'exhibits' look like sex toys!

Really love that second shot Mike.


Glad you're back online.
Re: the 5 shots you mean you didn't do an Annie Liebowitz and shoot 200 shots per?
See? That's why you're not a famous photographer.
Imagine Halsmann or Avedon shooting HALF that many with an 8x10 view camera.
Mi dos pesos.

I *love* that second shot! Should be offered up as a print IMHO.


I've made a habit of snapping any posted information right after I photograph a piece of art.

I just hope that is real bacon!

I too really like the second shot. It is reminiscent of (though not exactly equivalent to) FP4 developed in FG7. That was a favourite combination for me. So I need to order some FG7 for the FP4+ 4X5 that I have.

I very much like the second shot. Mysterious as to why the meal is left on the table. Also, the plants outside look like they're looking on hungrily.

I like the second photo, it looks like the house is about to be invaded by menacing plants!

I'm happy to hear that you have a backup generator. Automatic start as well. You'll have a good sense of security, once winter gets going, that you can stay warm and well-lit. Maybe no Internet, if the same storm also took down the phone and cable lines, but think of the respite from obsessive connectedness.

I must not be very good at this because I think the second shot of the table and window is sublime. If I arrived at this point I'd consider myself "done" and be thrilled. To my eye on my monitor it's gorgeous. Now printing it of course is another thing entirely.

I'm a little late to respond Mike but that second shot is lovely; a fine mix of strange with the ordinary, and beautiful tonality.

The meal was left on the table for Butters. ;)

Love the tones in second shot and its warmth!

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