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Saturday, 28 November 2015


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Say it ain't so Mike. Its small business Saturday and you feature Amazon, BandH, Adorama so folks can shop on line? I think you have missed the point.

[No, I haven't. Affiliate income from those vendors supports thousands of small businesses and tens of thousands of people, of whom I am one. Think of me as a small retailer and those vendors as the wholesalers. How is that different from a small bricks-and-mortar store? They, too, are small retailers and have their larger suppliers. --Mike]

Happy anniversary Mike and TOP!

In as much as I don't need a lot of Stuff, try to patronize my local camera store, and my bookshelves are already bulging, I'm afraid TOP doesn't earn much in the way of commissions from me. I try to give my support through a voluntary paid subscription — it clicks over automatically and painlessly through Paypal every three months, and I feel as if I'm doing my share to help pay for a journal that gives me great pleasure, lots to think about, and more than a little useful information and opinion .

As a steadfast curmudgeon who doesn't like to be told what to do, I'm particularly pleased that the subscription is voluntary. I hope many others are inspired to support TOP in this fashion.

(This, as they used to say, is an "unsolicited endorsement".)

I was going to wait until Cyber Monday to do a little Amazonian shopping, but your link was there today, and so were some deals. When my son unwraps his quad-rotor helicopter (with built-in camera!), he'll probably say something like "gee, how can I use this to tell a story about the human condition?" (Well, maybe...)

Happy Birthday ToP. And congrats Mike. I will be subscribing this week to ToP. Don't know why on earth I haven't already. Best darn photoblog on the planet.

(nice looking kitchen btw)

Sorry Mike, but I think this particular made-up event was started by American Express. They have a web page on it and proclaim the beneficiaries to be "small, local businesses." Your day is coming, Cyber Monday!!

This is beginning to remind me of the debate over whether Hasselblad cameras could be DSLRs.

Anyway, Happy Birthday. I will add your birthday gift to my Cyber Monday order. Today I am going to the local hardware store.

So where can I buy TOP stuff -- stuff your make yourself -- Amazon?

Shopping at Amazon is not the same as shopping from you. This is despicable.

[Well, do you get paid for the work you do for a living? And do you read my writing for free?

Seems to me if you don't like one way I request you to pay for my work, then you should pay for it another way. So perhaps you should subscribe, and send me $6 every now and then. I'm not forcing anybody to buy anything from Amazon. --Mike]

Mike, I really need a link to Amazon.it.

[I guess I could try. It's not easy to set up because everything is in Italian and I don't speak Italian. --Mike]

I would say TOP is definitely a business.And a small one at that. I will try to remember your links. Unfortunately, the same thing that drives your business, WWW, has turned me into a spontaneous buyer. I can't help myself. I am liable to click anywhere.....and at any time.

I will try. My heart is in it.

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