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Thursday, 05 November 2015


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NOS is nice. I recently bought a hardcover copy of "Elliot Porter" a 1987 NY Graphic Society publication. It was still in the original shrink wrap and is beautiful at a fraction of the original $75 price. I'll be looking forward to what you will be listing.


Wow, buried treasure! This is probably a dumb question, but what is a "full-sized" print? I assume you're referring to an arbitrary size that is Peter Turnley's personal standard (and thus what he has in mind while photographing) but that's a guess.

[16x20 paper size. --Mike]

Uh oh, I can hear the conversation with my wife now. "So dear, which Takumar lens did you just buy or is it another book?"


I will be over here in the corner crying since I am far too broke to consider such a print.

(expletive deleted)

What? The d-d-dumpster!!!

NOS books? Now you have my spending attention.

Eastman House perhaps ???

Please tell me it's "Tony Ray-Jones by Russell Roberts". I can't afford the current asking price of that one! I'm a sucker for books with contact sheets in them.

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