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Monday, 02 November 2015


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I dunno. It hasn't been working properly for me for ages, hence I've pretty much stopped using it. Apparently this is because I'm a bad, bad boy, who has an unsupported browser. : ]

Which browser and Mac OS are you using?

I can't answer your specific question but I find a lot of Web sites that don't play well with Safari. When that happens I select Open Page With in Safari's Develop Menu* and choose Google Chrome. (Of course you've got to have Google Chrome installed.) I never have problems with Chrome compatibility.

That's a half-assed solution, but it's all I can offer.

(Why don't I just use Chrome as my default? I like Safari's features better.)

*If you don't have a Develop menu in Safari, open Preferences -> Advanced and check Show Develop Menu at the very bottom of that pane.

Hi Mike

I am on a Mac running Yosemite and have no problem scrolling with my mouse on Flikr. I clicked inside the Flikr window and could continue scrolling after that.

I tried it with Safari, Chrome and Firefox and all seem to work without any problems.

(Pro tip: when requesting tech support, you should always give us as much info as possible, including what kind of computer and OS you're using, what kind of mouse/trackbar, and what web browser.)

As far as I know, this is a known problem with Firefox on OS X (and possibly on Windows too). I don't think it happens to everyone, and I'm not aware of anyone having found a solution.

Some things you can try: one by one disable any browser extensions you might be using, and then try again. Do it like this:

1. Go to Flickr in a browser window.

2. Go to your extension manager in a different window and turn off the first extension.

3. Go back to the first window and REFRESH the Flickr page. Try scrolling.

4. Repeat until all extensions are off.

This will only tell you whether or not an extension is the culprit. You can always work around the problem by using a different browser (i.e., if you're using Firefox, try it in Chrome or vice-versa). In fact, I suggest you try it in a different browser anyway; if the problem occurs in Firefox but not in Chrome (or vice versa) then the browser or an extension is the problem. If it occurs in both browsers then the problem likely lies elsewhere.

Final note: Flickr is owned by Yahoo, and Yahoo is very good at doing bad things. The infinite scrolling method that Flickr uses is known to be complicated and buggy,

Have you tried restarting your browser?

Did it solve the problem? If not:

Have you tried restarting your computer?

You might try a different browser that is if you're working on a real computer. On your iPhone try using the flickr app.

In short I don't think there is enough info unless someone has the same problem.

PS: What is your flickr user name?

I have no idea but do work in IT with lots of support experience.
So to make this short. It may help to do a full refresh on the flickr site. On the mac that's Apple + R or command + R

Many sites use java script code in the background to provide enhanced features. To speed things up this gets cached in your local browser. Now when new page versions come along it's possible the cached JavaScript has mismatches or just plain and simple errors.


Regards Chris

Works fine here in Firefox on Windows 10, have you tried different browsers?

Not an answer but a confirmation: same thing happens to me, very frustrating.

Almost as frustrating as clicking on an image and then when returning to the original Flickr page, being sent to the top of the page and having to "scroll" back to where you were originally.

What browser are you using? It stopped working with safari on mac a few weeks ago. Firefox works.

Flickr is a shadow of it's former self, they've made many changes and most of them seem to be against what the user population want. Groups and discussions have been effectively buried and the sense of community has been lost. It frequently crashes and you either get the Bad Panda page or lately just a generic Yahoo "Something's broken and we're trying to fix it" page. It's very frustrating and disappointing to see it being slowly killed. I see in the news now that Marissa Mayer is in strife and may be losing her position as CEO of Yahoo, pretty much all of the damage to Flickr has occurred under her management. The changes seem to have had the opposite effect to what they wanted, they wanted more users and more things happening, but is is nowhere near as active as it had been in my opinion.

Anyway, back to your scrolling thing, I've had the same, sometimes if I click a blank area of the page scrolling will start working again, but not always. It might be to do with the stupid endless scrolling and loading thing it does when viewing a group pool or individual photostream. It was better with finite pages and a next link to continue.


So you mean that scrolling with a gesture or the scroll wheel/scroll ball on the mouse stops working? If you switch to another running app like an editor or photoshop, do you recover the scrolling ability? I'm going to guess that Flickr java scripts are messing something up.

Mike; no idea about Flickr/scrolling, I haven't used the site since I spotted www.flickriver.com - for me it's a much nicer way to look through Flickr photos.


It's worth installing Chrome or Firefox because it helps to see if a site is working on other browsers and therefore is likely a problem with your computer/default browser rather than the web site.

About clearing caches....
May I recommend that if you do not already use a daily cleaner app, it's a really useful tool to have. Daily clearance of caches, cookies, temp spaces, trash, temporary lists and morehelps keep the temp stuff to a minimum and a machine running at its maximum.

There are many such apps. The one I've used daily for about 8 years now is called Piriform CCleaner Free. Easy to set up. Easy to use.
[I have no affiliation with Piriform.]

I'll bet Ctein has other suggestions for daily cleaning.


The "three horizontal bar symbol" is called the hamburger stack. It always makes me think of Burger Time. And yes I'm dating myself. Whatever.

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