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Sunday, 15 November 2015


Great stuff!
And I love the idea of just tossing the prints on the floor--changes the whole feeling of a "review."


Saluto i partecipanti! This looks like a lovely show and a constructive exercise.

Mike, that has got to be a huge head rush. People must be asking you what's with the stupid grin. Congratulations.

I think each of us wants to believe we have had a positive influence on just one person. Here's proof that you've done that times nine, and my guess is that it goes a lot further than that. Well done, you!

Congratulations, you're the proud poppa of a wonderful group of pictures. What a nice film, and so many prints that I would be happy to own and proud to have taken. And there were PRINTS! I don't think it would have had half the impact if they were sitting around with iPads.

Wonderful! Bravi!

About forty yrs ago, I used each focal length from 50mm downwards (ie- 35, 28, 24, 20) exclusively for at least a year, getting to know each intimately, their strengths and limitations, before settling on the 20 for the last thirty. Instead of inhibiting, it can really free oneself to the business at hand- developing a vision and taking photographs.

Having the previous experience with all the above lenses was particularly valuable however, when it came time to do a small project of (vertical) portraits recently. I knew the look of the 50 and 35 would both be 'too extreme' for what I wanted, invested in a 40mm Ultron and... voila!


"Sometimes you learn as much from your struggle as from the exercise” -

Dear Mike,
Thank you for the honesty of your writing. Truth communicates, makes a difference.
Kind regards,
Keith Trumbo

Absolutely loved this – thanks to all the photographers and to you, for providing a push!

I have awakened to the fact that most pictures are taken in landscape mode. Why is that?
This may seem irrelevant to the post and the video, which was wonderful. But is it that most photographers see this way, or are we subtly influenced by TV and movie screens?
Or is it subject matter that just works best horizontally?

I've been an SLR shooter since my Canon FX and up through my current EOS 5dsr.
But, it always bugged me that HCB always shot with a Leica and a 35mm lens and (perish the thought) never printed his own stuff.
So, when the first Fuji X-100 came out, I bought it and later upgraded to the X-100s.
I have shot with this camera(s) all over Europe and America and am always amazed at how well it makes me do.
It is refreshing (again) to settle back into simplicity (sic) creativity.
Thank you, Mike.

There are some lovely shots there.

I never made a concious decision to do OCOLOY. But in a sense I did. Since February, I have been shooting solely with the Ricoh GR. The decision to purchse the GR had little to do with its 28mm (eq) focal length, as I've always preferred the standard 50mm. And I do not shoot every day and rarely print but have really learned to appreciate the basic OCOLOY pricipal. Selected results can be seen here: http://sixblockseast.tumblr.com

Oh, I forgot to say this in my previous comment, but watching the video, I immediately thought that the lesson would be greatly improved by doing it as a group, with regular printing and discussion.

I must insist, of an erstwhile print editor who used to be a great stickler for spelling and punctuation, that it be OC,OL,OY and not OC/OL/OY.

What a wonderful concept you have been promoting in this blog, Mike.

For those who fear that this will require Zen master levels of self-discipline, I remember doing this for a year with a 35mm lens circa 2001. It wasn't hard, after a few days.

I have never, since then, reached the fluidity in photographing people that I reached by the end of that year. But some of that eye-brain training still remains with me.

I never did venture as far as OP, though. Restricting yourself to OP is perhaps counter-productive if your principal interest is in photographing people.

re: meetings or most anything else for that matter.
I also heard the "90 in 90 days" drill but knowing that I would probably rebel against that discipline it was put to me in a different way. They said to go to a different meeting place every day and sooner or later I'd find one I liked. That was in 1981 and still counting.
Good for you.

The images, the prints the discussion, so unlike these days for many; where the image is recorded on a telephone and shared with others at a distance or from the mobile telephone itself.

Was viewing the completed images on the floor in the video and thought to myself, as an offshoot, the different variety of footwear worn by the particpants. The same, yet different. Weird.

What a beautiful and inspiring project ! Love to see the joy and friendship during the process.

Congratulations to all involved!

To the photographers because it looks like it was a great experience indeed, both photographically (some stunning work there) and on a human level, connecting with fellow photographers, working so closely with them.
And to you for inspiring this beautiful project.

One more reason for me to love TOP. Thanks!

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