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Monday, 16 November 2015


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I hate watching Internet videos. This was worthy of wonder every second. Congratulations, Mr. Turnley.

Havana Street Photographer

from the series, "See See Havana"

Thanks! I needed that just now. The world needs more pieces like this. I even liked the soundtrack-which surprised me. I'll be revisiting it for sure.

Suspect certain photographers will be able to render any subject such the resultant images are all winners.
Peter Turnley qualifies IMO.
I have his Parisian photographs on my walls, they are simple yet a moving description as life should be, for all.

Congratulations Peter. Looks like Cuba loves ya!

Is the show catalog going to be available for purchase?

Wet eyes at the end of that video. But also warmth and hope in my heart and a feeling that Good is going to win this world in the end.

Peter Turnley, PHOTOGRAPHER! Been all around and captured the horror. But always manages to capture the strength, grace and spirit in people.

Perfect example as to why the world needs eyes and hearts like his.

Damn! I just missed it by a year!

Wow ... Mr. Turnley has seen a lot of stuff since McClellan Street, I guess. What a book the photos in that video would make !

Thank you so much for sharing; I wish i could go see it in person, printed images have so much more impact ( I visited recently the FOAM museum in Amsterdam, they have an exhibit on now showing Magnum photographers' contact sheets! You would appreciate that for sure....).

Bob Smith said it very well. Such an amazing range of emotions and conditions in the video. I can't even fathom the range of life and emotion Peter has witnessed and, fortunately for us, recorded.

Thank you Mike.

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