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Thursday, 12 November 2015


The previous batch of square prints from Magnum had signatures in the back.

Thanks for the link. I held myself to three prints. Love the size. I shoot mostly square and most of my prints are 6.75x6.75. Now get to work on your next print sale.

Carl De Keyser. The boy being "saved", I found it very disturbing and got a visceral reaction.
Nikos Economopoulos. Old woman and toy bird best represents my favorite expression. You do not stop playing because you get old, you get old because you stop playing.
Leonard Freed. Man, trike and tykes. Fatherhood.

Honorable mention, Raghu Rai, one of the more interesting "hand" pictures I have seen, though my reaction is more aesthetic than emotional, so not included above.

Imitation? Perhaps! Perhaps they also have an eye towards 20x200 which has been selling low-cost prints continuously for some time. (An Adams "Snake River", anyone?)

Pick three? No. But for less than the price of that new Leica SL + lens (and less than half a Noctilux-M 50mm F0.95) you can buy the whole set of 63. And unlike the camera or lens it's likely that this set will hold its value, maybe even appreciate a bit, over time.

sad to say but there is only one I particularly like, and that not enough to buy.... Elliot Erwitt's -and I own prints by some of the other photographers. I wonder who selected these images?

There were hardly 3 photos to chose from. I'm afraid this is a "wastebin" sale in terms of quality. I've chosen one shot - by Chim, and I imagine this one was good because he's gone.

That is a really hard choice. People may say what they will about Magnum, but it is by far the most important photography institution in the world. These pictures provide just a clue.
I'd definitely choose Patrick Zachmann's picture. Then I'd pick Constantine Manos' "First Encounter". Even though I generally prefer black and white, there's no way monochrome could describe the sexual tension going on in this picture. Finally, Raymond Depardon's. Remember what I commented about the beauty of highlights some days ago, and the way they can make a picture come alive? That was what I was talking about! But there's more: there's a sense of anguish and emptiness perpassing this picture, the kind of sensations that only the most gifted can capture. Sheer brilliance.
If I had any money left, I'd also buy Jacob Aue Sobol's picture. Or maybe I'd buy it instead of Constantine Manos'. But it's very hard to leave Werner Bischof's and Bruno Barbey's pictures out of this selection.

Magnum has had a few of these sales so far and each time there are interesting photographs on offer. I'd like to know the results -- how many of each photograph sold.

I bought a photo in the last square print sale. The image is indeed quite small but it looks good in a tilt-back frame. I sent the link to this round to my wife. Christmas isn't too far off.

Hi Mike,

My three favorite photos (in the order of their appearance) are:
- Thomas Hoepker
- Leonard Freed
- George Rodger


This needs a "not safe for work" advisory.

I looked at these photos and agree tbey are good, but I have to ask myself which of these would I like to hang on my wall - and I have to answer none.

You will definitely enjoy it. This is the second sale that I've ordered a pair from. The six inch format looks great framed to 11x14.

I actually had ordered three (two for me and one as a gift). I might have missed it, but I couldn't find any info as to the printing methodology that was used. Seems a bit sloppy to me.

Magnum has made this square print offer before and I bought one. Actually nicely done. I also ordered one from this series, and I am always curious which ones are most popular. I bought the Elliott Erwitt print. Which one did you purchase?


Lots of great images to choose from, but "Digital C Prints"? Not nearly as nice as pigment based inkjet prints on quality paper IMHO.


PS: Forgot to mention what my choices are/would be. I purchased the Elliot Erwitt and Paul Fusco. If I had to choose a third print it would be the Eve Arnold.

David Seymour
Eve Arnold
Guy Le Querrec

With the print size in mind I would pick Jerome Sessini, Matt Black and Newsha Tavakolian.
But if Robert Capa was alive to sign his picture I would drop one of the others for his!

I like the "pick three" challenge. Obviously, with such a great stable of images to build a sale from, there are many great shots to look at. I found it challenging to differentiate between "an image I would pick" and "an image I think I am supposed to pick."

I ended up trying to answer this by considering what I would actually hang on my wall.

My three: Steve McCurry, Eve Arnold, Matt Black

It is not the first time they have done this. I bought two the last time. They are quite small but also *very* nice. One of mine is signed on the front and the other on the back.
But cool to have print from some famous photographers I have admired for many years :-)

I'm not sure what this says about me, but none of them spoke to me sufficiently to make a purchase. Oh well...

I liked Paul Fusco's Janis Joplin.

Perhaps I'm the only one who's bothered by this, but most of these are not "square prints". They're "prints on square paper". The images themselves are almost all rectangular...

I liked the Matt Black picture and went for it. Thanks for mentioning the sale.

Chose three? Ok...

The Alex Webb, the Capa & the Hurn would be my choices if I wasn't chronically broke.

Beautiful fun to go through the page though, reading the bits about each image and thinking about them. That alone was worth the exercise and will probably be of help in looking at my own work.

My pick would be Robert Capa's and George Rodger's.
But they are too small for my liking (and for $100).

1. David Seymour
2. Leonard Freed
3. Eve Arnold

I bought Alex Webb and David Allen Harvey. This is the second round for me. First round I bought Alex Webb and Steve McCurry. They are small, but look great in a 10x12 frame and they are signed on the front.

I was surprised how few I liked at all. But there were eight or nine I did like, headed by Patrick Zachmann, Erich Lessing, and Sohrab Hura.

Patrick Zachmann
David Seymour
Richard Kalvar

Here are my three choices, which should be displayed in a row in this order:

Steve McCurry
Alex Webb
Constantine Manos

We go from innocent playfulness to intimate anonymity to anonymous sexuality.

Aside from the fact that I just plain like them, I chose those particular pictures because given the relatively small size I feel like colour would have a greater impact. (Like looking at slides on a light table.) Also, you shouldn't have to get too close and squint in order to appreciate them. Finally, some of the other pictures didn't really affect me before I read the backstory. But, with my choices I found that possible — perhaps fanciful? — interpretations came easily to mind.

Had they been larger then certainly Werner Bischoff and Jonas Bendiksen would have been in the running.

Me too. Barely one or two I found very appealing and not for that price for that size either.

If I would buy one of these, it would be the one from Eve Arnold.

Bought prints by Alex Webb and Newsha Tavakolian, these two seemed to pair for me.

Alex Webb
Carolyn Drake
Cristina Garcia Rodero

Globally, these intimate images are are a historical testament.
The stories that accompany each one form a lesson in humility that I would recommend all teachers include in general education.

For this second sale it's a no brainer: Capa and Rodger, the genes of Magnum. Waiting for Henri!

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