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Thursday, 12 November 2015


Seventy eh? I turn that number in a few months myself. To me Neil yOung is the son of the late Scott Young, sports journalist for Toronto Globe and Mail. Unlike all of my peers I never got into Young's music; like so many things about me, it was noise, not music.
Neil likes Lionel trains, and sadly does not live in Canada, anymore.
Speaking of Massey Hall, gorgeous acoustics, as befits an old downtown Toronto theatre however it has lousy seating, too many pillars in front
of the seats and aisles and meant for somebody who tops out at 5.5 feet in height. NO legroom in the seats.

BTW, "Time Fades Away" is available through the usual bit torrent sites (for those conversant with such things) in 192kHz 24-bit FLAC format, ripped right from the Pono remaster, or so it's claimed.

It is in fact also available from the Pono site: http://bit.ly/1LcSiq5 but I don't know if that requires a Pono player or what...

-=-Joe (who used to do a mean Neil Young impression in coffee houses in the early 70s.)

In honor of Neil Young's birthday I send him a piece of his lyric from the early eighties, also in keeping with the approaching season, "Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho". Just yesterday I was looking at old records in an antique store and came across Re*act*or for $7 and couldn't resist. I think I can enjoy some of his eighties music now, especially softened by old vinyl. Makes me laugh a little is all.

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