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Friday, 16 October 2015


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A Canon EOS 1v. it's a film camera, true, but I've got a 1n which I really enjoy, and pair it with the 40mm f/2 pancake lens. I like the feel of the camera in hand, and I would like to have the top-of-the-line in this model, just for fun.

With best regards,


Arca-Swiss F classic 5X7. I could easily live with that for as long I can carry it. Complete control of movements for architectural yet light enough to carry into the field for landscapes. 5X7 format to have the best of both worlds (at least my world). Big enough neg for contact printing yet usable for enlarging at a relative convenience.

Polaroid 20x24

1. How many lenses do I get? :)

If I could get the Fuji X-T1 features in an X Pro 1 body, I would be happy forever. Maybe that's an X Pro 2? Fingers crossed.....

2. Born to Run is, of course, the greatest Rock & Roll song ever.

Mike has questions; we his readers and supporters may have what he is looking for, then again?

Currently two cameras live in the myhousehold. Actually three except the third, a Nikon F100 uses film, and the owner(prefers colour slide film only, E6 and there is a shortage of reliable/affordable labs withing 500 miles.
The other device is a Nikon D750 (try one sometime and tell me what you think of the new deep hand grip), I like it; love only applies to dogs, cats and homosapiens.

One only camera, assuming it doesn't expire? A Canon PowerShot SX150 operates on AA cells, purchased as a pawn shop deal for C$50.00. That one camera with 12 megapixels is all I really would need, for the next five years, and beyond.

Well, I'd like a Nikon D3S with a 40mm prime, please. I like a big camera, I don't need lots of Mp, and I imagine it would be a great "no excuses" machine for me.

It is well known that the #1 best rock-and-roll song is "Living After Midnight" by Judas Priest. Seriously. No, seriously, it is.

The Leica Monochrome, I would be very happy for more than 4 years without a doubt. "Shine on you Crazy Diamond", PINK FLOYD.

I'm happy enough with my Sony A7 so that's what I'll choose. I have MFT too but the A7 is better so it gets my vote.

If I can only have one lens too I'd have to pick something like a 35 or 50mm as I like the slightly wide or "normal" FoV and I'd like it to be a macro please. Actually it doesn't have to be true macro so close focusing will do as I like taking flower shots in the garden and when out and about. So, I'll go for a 35 or 50mm "macro" and my choice will be decided by being the best most compact one I can find.

The best R&R song. I suppose it depends how we define R&R... I've always liked Buddy Holly so I'm tempted to go for something from him, but what? Impossible to say so I'll change tack and go for "Tattooed love boys" by The Pretenders as it has a good riff in the middle. Hope it's R&R :D

Camera: Rolleiflex 3.5F Planar loaded with Kodak T-Max.

Why: The Rolleiflex feels good to hold, and keep steady, there is no vibration, you see everything as a mirror image which forces you to think through the composition, and the T-Max emulsions: both the 100 and 400 iso products are grain free even at 40x magnification. The Planars and Xenotars (a Planar clone) are a most excellent combination with T-Max even though they are a generation apart.

So how can you go wrong?

Extra credit: Rock and Roll (is this for marks?): Talking Heads Burning Down the House.

Camera: Nikon D610 or D750 for its versatility and the fact I know it's going to last the four years.

Rock-and-roll song: Piece of My Heart, Joplin/Big Brother.

Ok, since you put it that way ... the Leica S with all the lenses (you did not stipulate how many lenses or if we have to pay for them with our own money). I would use it for landscapes. Reason... Excellent quality and more importantly, something I could never afford or obtain on my own; a fantasy.
Best rock-and-roll song ... "Stairway To Heaven" with a Leica S around my neck.

For extra credit, my answer is 'all those I never have to listen to'.

Pentax Q7.

The only small camera with decent image quality that integrates perfectly with C mount lenses in full manual mode and you can wear from a wrist-strap all day long and not get fatigued.

I'm never going back to an 'albatross' camera.

PhaseOne XF-3 camera, IQ3 50 MP back and one wide, one "normal" and one tele lens (Schneider Krauznach or Rodenstock, of course!)
Perfect for landscape, portraiture and the historical architecture I love to shoot.

Cambo WRS-1200 with an IQ250 and 72mm Schneider XL.

Leica M-P 240 (with any 35mm lens).

Because it is the only digital rangefinder available, and rangefinders are the only cameras you can reliably focus without using your eyes.

PS. Johnny B. Goode.

Money no object? Custom design a digital XPan.

Barring that, a Technika V with a 150mm APO Sironar S, with 1000 film holders all loaded with Portra 160.

The #1 Rock song ever if of course the Bohemian Rhapsody. Why do you even have to ask?

D810. Has the system that Sony doesn't, more familiar for me than Canon.

Without a doubt, Carlos Santana's Black Magic Woman, cranked-up so loud your ears bleed!!

A Hasselblad H5X with an Achromatic+ digital back (39 megapixel B&W). This back is available from Bear Images, in NorCal.

Such a shame, not to mention a failure of imagination. But after some consideration I guess I'd just stick with my all time favorite, an OM-1n with a 1-10 screen. Just a dull person I guess.

Minolta SRT-101 w/Rokkor 55mm f1.7....because it always worked, and will for many 4 year intervals. Bright viewfinder and a very special lens. I wish I still had mine. "Thunder Road" #1 for me.

I would get the exact system that I have now, the Olympus mirrorless.

But, realistically I would also have my iPhone, and you would not be able to make me not use it.

So to stay in the spirit of the question I'll pick my iPhone.

Canon 5DS R. Because I'm still having huge fun with my 5D Mk2 and can't imagine changing it for any other camera other than a more modern one in the same series.

My Zeiss Ikon ZM with 50mm lens. It's small, light, and can be used for any situation.

The best rock and roll song is . . . . Stairway to Heaven? Seems like a safe bet.

Ricoh GR. Three different focal lengths at the touch of a button, really does fit in my pocket, always great IQ. Sometimes I really do wonder why I keep my Nikons.

My choice: Nikon D750. Good image quality and performance. Doesn't have the resolution of a D810A, but I don't do 40x60 prints. And it has the rotating screen, the closest to a waist level finder in DSLRs. Which is why I keep my Pentax 67 (although I don't often use it).

Best song: Janis Joplin's "Mercedes Benz". It has a sense of humor lacking in most R&R.

One camera for a long time? Right now I'd risk a Leica Q.

Why? Simple operation, superb imaging.

#1 rock and roll song? Undoubtedly, Good Vibrations, Beach Boys. There is no contest here. That song has intertwined itself with generations of American culture, and it's a great song to boot.

Camera? Not sure - still fighting my way through the DSLR/mirrorless maze, but it'll definitely be something FF with a 35mm lens.

Best rock and roll song? See if you can find Bruce Willis' (yes him) track Peptalk from his Motown(!) album "If it don't kill you, it just makes you stronger".

Something from the Sony A7 series. I'm currently shooting mainly A7II and if I had to stand on it, I'd be okay with that. I've shot 4x5, 6x6cm, 35mm, APS-c and 4/3 digital. For myself, 24x36mm is the format that gives me the best balance of resolution and depth of field control, both deep and shallow. My lens kit (which the rules of today's game don't limit) is all native to the system and excellent quality.

Extra credit: All Along the Watchtower. Works acoustic, electric or psychadelic. Just my opinion...

What's it gonna be?

I'm really torn on this one, but I think it's going to be my GX7.

Optional: Why?

Why. Why, why, why. I'm not sure. It feels right to me. It's fast enough. It lets me see both ways really well - evf and flippy screen. It takes all the lenses I actually need. I can fit it in many of my pockets. I've had it most of a year, I think, and I'm really, really, comfortable with it. I haven't checked, is the GX8 substantially better?

I suppose one of the Fuji's would be fine too, so long as it had an evf, but I'd have to research a whole new line of cameras, and buy more lenses. Fuji has really nice lenses, and really nice firmware. Doing more research seems like work though.

A Sony a6000 would be okay on paper, but for the fact that it really wouldn't do anything for me that my GX7 doesn't, but I'd have the existential doubt surrounding the 11 bit raw files. I wouldn't like that. Plus, it would be bigger. Who needs that?

I don't need any of the trade offs that more exotic cameras offer. Size, weight, odd lens choices, lacking EVFs. Meh. Sure the Sony RX type cameras look awesome, and if the question was about fixed lens cameras...

If I wasn't in the business of documenting my kids lives, I might freely choose something weird, like an a7 paired with the 35/1.8 but used uncropped with blurry corners. Or a Speed Graphic with a 127/4.7 Ektar, paired with a 10" Enlarging Ektar for a short tele, all on fp4 and tmy400, developed in d23 and hc-110. Or a medium format digital Pentax. Or a Minola Autocord or Yashica TLR with optional close-up and wide angle bay-1 attachments. Or maybe even a Sony a55, a perfectly fine camera from their a-mount SLT line, though I hear the shutter in those tends to break easily.

I think I could make do, and make interesting images with pretty much any camera system, except for a traditional DSLR. There's something about that form factor that puts me off, and really puts off the people I point it at. Maybe it's my discomfort that changes the interaction? I don't know, but my using one is a recipe for unwanted hostility.

I think the most important stipulation is the "I'm in the business of documenting my kids lives." That's what drives my camera choices. I know why I photograph, so I know what camera I need. Anyway, I already have a GX7, and I'm likely to have to make it last four years to boot.

Extra credit: What's the #1 best rock-and-roll song?

Extra Credit:

I don't know any rock-and-roll songs well enough to care which one is best.

The best 'rock' song is easily U2's Bullet the Blue Sky from the Joshua Tree album. Nobody else has ever combined such an essentially aggressive guitar riff with pop melodies. It is the platonic ideal of what I think of when I think of 'rock' music. The so called classic rock acts that preceded them were too timid by comparison, and their heavy metal contemporaries were too emotionally flat. I now know that the world has moved on, and so have they, and I no longer follow English language music, so my opinion is meaningless. (I do really like Japanese pop music though!)

I wonder if I'd get sick of a Leica S. It's not that big, it's straightforward to use, and the files are incredible. I'll never find out because I can't afford one, but I think I'd go with that for this thought experiment.

Best rock song? Either Ceremony by New Order or Eminence Front by The Who. But I don't think I could listen to either one of them _only_ for four years!

Olympus OMD EM-1. Small an d light so I actually will have it with me when I want to make a photograph. It will use my existing Olympus lenses via an adapter. Availability of world class lenses. Pairing it with the three Olympus Pro lenses would make for a kit that would do virtually anything I want. (7-14 f/2.8, 12-40 f/2.8, and 40-150 f/s.8)

As for keeping it for four years, well that would be easy. I I turned the camera in four years that would be by far the shortest period of time I kept a camera with the exception of some rejected point & shoots.

Sony RX100M2 (w/accessory viewfinder).
Lucky for me, I already own it.

Easy for me, the top of the line Olympus - the E-M1. I'd need the 25/2.8 to be really happy with it but I have glass and it'd be wonderful for the kinds of shooting I actually do these days. At $1000 it might as well be gold for me, but it's what I'd be happy with for years much as the Pen E-PL1 has made me happy for years.

As for the other question, that's easy as well: Sweet Jane by the Velvet Underground.

Not a difficult question. Canon 5D3.

Why... Well, you can pretty much shoot anything with a 5D3. There are newer cameras that are better at some things, but it'll do everything.

As it happens, I've just got rid of all my other cameras except this, and three lenses (35mm 1.4L, 85mm/1.2L, 135/2.0L). I use the. 35 and 135 outdoors, the 35 and 85 indors. Very seldom all three at once.

Tell me I can only have one lens, and it would be the 35/1.4L (probably the new version). It's the Leica M2 and 35mm Summicron for this century.

Why have I got rid of everything else... Zen. Less decisions, more actions.

Best rock song?
... Has to be "Bat out of hell".

Old A7
My Canon EOS-1Ds still works just fine for all my DSLR with studio strobes needs and it's 13 years old I think. Its slow and heavy but still works great. My Sony Sony DSC-R1 still is my go to camera for outdoor flash, and the lens is amazing. It's 12 years old now.

For everything else, last years goldilocks Sony A7 will probably be fine for a few years. It's pretty much the camera I wanted 15 years ago.

Actually I've always hated the Canon EOS-1Ds, its the sort of thing you have to pay me to use. I guess that's why it's a professional camera.

extra credit? Well duhh
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction, by Messrs. Jagger and Richards.

D810, overkill for 90% of my needs but you would be covered for about anything.
Gimme Shelter, feel free to play it loud. Have a nice weekend.

I feel like this is a bit of a trick question - in that by choosing a "real" camera I'm therefore unable to even take quick snaps on my iPhone 6s Plus, which I've been massively impressed by... which means I'm forced to choose between completely missing some shots by virtue of the fact that I can't/wouldn't have a "real" camera with me 24/7, and being unhappy with only having "iPhone quality" shots for things that I really care about. I think, for me at least, there's no way I could be satisfied with ONLY having iPhone snaps for a 4 year period - so it basically has to be ruled out, and the "real" camera wins, and I deal with missing some shots, and being forced to lug a slightly larger camera than is "ideal" for others.

Thus, my choice- without even much thought required- would be the Sony A7R II. Since the introduction of the A6000, I've almost completely abandoned my Canon dSLR system. The A7R II gives me basically everything that my A6000 gives me, plus what my A7R gives me, plus what my Canon dSLR system gives me... and still some more on top of that. Fantastic focus system, incredible IQ, huge lens library with the great adapter situation, IBIS, etc. No real downsides, for me.

In fact, I'm almost very comfortable saying that it could be the only camera I use for the next 8 years. The Canon 5D kept me quite happy, used almost exclusively, for a similar time period- and the A7R II is leaps and bounds better in every respect. It'd be a bit silly to say that it couldn't please me for the next 8 years, given that fact.

I've used this Nikon D3100 for about 4 years already, almost exclusively. I dare say it'd hold me another 4 years. I'd probably stick with the AIS 50/2.0 my dad gave me, if I had to pick a single lens to go with it.

Best rock&roll song is Aerosmith's "Dream On".

Panasonic GF7, coz it's tiny and good enough.

Extra credit: Wouldn't It Be Nice

Easy. It would be a Leica MM2 and 35mm that I would use for my street photography. I have been shooting Leica for 30 years and the size and the rangefinder are a perfect fit for me. For my commercial work I have used dozens of Nikon models but for the work that is so personal for me it would be B&W and a Leica.
Come on, the best Rock and Roll song, Like a Rolling Stone, Bob Dylan.

I have that camera, an Oly E-m5 II - If one interprets your spec. as " ... any one model of camera ...

I use two of them, so when I'm in the field, I don't spend a lot of time changing lenses. That way, I would be relatively happy, as the bodies and lenses I have are those currently best suited to me.

I could do the four year thing I suppose, but in reality, if a successor that meets my needs better shows up in that time I would blithely ignore the stricture and acquire it.

I won't do it for the simple reasons that I like to use other cameras occasionally and that other cameras can do things the main pair can't, as, for example, with my waterproof camera that works underwater.

Just one? Have you taken a job with Frito-Lay? Okay, I'll try. I guess it would have to be a Canon 5D (whatever is the current model) and a full complement of lenses. You didn't limit me on lenses. Why a 5D? Because it would do pretty much everything I would want to do with a camera except make phone calls and check my email which I guess I'd have to give up doing since they don't make smart phones without a camera in them.

Mike, I am not sure what that camera would be but I would love to have a camera that I so truly loved I would not look at another. I don't think that camera exists, at least not for me. I love photography and the tools that we all use to make pictures. I don't think it is possible to ever have the perfect camera. It is a concept or an ideal that we all strive to achieve but never completely accomplish. Like the Greek fellow who kept pushing the rock up the hill and as he got close to the top it would roll back down again. It was an endless and impossible task. The perfect camera may be out there somewhere, but I know I will never own it. Great question.

Sony RX-1R ... or maybe its "mark II" replacement. Wish it were a 50mm lens, but the 35mm on it makes gorgeous pictures.

Best song: Throwing Muses' "Counting Backwards"

The things I would like are simplicity, weatherproofness and a 40-50mm equivalent lens. Choice is just the worst for me (I'd have to disable my iPhone's camera). So I'd probably look at a Fujifilm X-T1 (or hope for a weatherproof X-E3?) with the soon-released, supposedly-weatherproofed, 35/2. Money no object I'd remove choice more and go with a Leica Monochrom and affiliated nose, but I don't see any statements about weatherwaterproofness.

My "why" is, as I slipped in above, all about choice. I'm terrible at deciding what camera to take with me, and even worse when I've lens choice and zoom out and about. I can do it, but most of my best photos have been made when I'm down to a single prime, preferably around 40-50mm. And so having concentration enough to improve is constantly distracted by choice. My film-perfect camera is (was) a Voigtlander R3A with a 40/2 (Summicron-C), even with all my Canon film gear. Now it's a Fujifilm X-E1 with 35/1.4, even with all my Canon digital gear. I just enjoy taking photos with it.

And yet I never learn (to be fair, the Canon 5DMkII takes what to me are scary-level-IQ shots, but my input in composition and such seems to let it down).

Well, I go back and forth between a Sony A7r2 and a Tech Cam with a MFDB.

If I had to limit myself to a single camera I think the Leica S would probably straddle the benefits of the 2 systems I now use.

The d800. It does everything, sports, street photography, wall sized landscapes, architectural photography with my shift lens; I even use it to copy B&W and colour negs from my archives as it gives better results than my old Nikon slide scanner. Best of all it works with Capture NX2. The new d810 doesn't.

Actually I will be happy if my Canon 5D II continues to perform for several more years. The why is easy, just fire up the iMac and look at the pictures, when I perform as well as the camera what's not to like. Lenses are another story, I could use better, but with my vision Otii need not apply, I need autofocus. Then maybe I can get some Satisfaction!

Fujifilm X30 - for the light weight, reasonable zoom range, and excellent camera profiles for RAW files in Lightroom.

Good Vibrations, by Brian Wilson. I just watched a documentary called "The Wrecking Crew" which had a lot of good songs in it, including this one.

In order:

1) Sony RX1
2) Because its IQ is "good enough," it fits well in my hand, and it's both compact and lightweight, which makes traveling with it as part of a small outfit easy.
3A) Trampled Under Foot by Led Zeppelin
3B) Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys
3C) This Beat Goes On / Switchin' to Glide by The Kings

Leica S. Just for the experience.

Another one for the Ricoh GR. It's so compact I can even take it running (and always do) but offers tremendous capability, speed of operation, control, and a sweet 18mm lens on APS-C sensor (28mm effective field of view) with enough room for other crops/perspectives.

Way, way, better than an iPhone or the like.

Just don't tell my A7r.

PS. Bat Out Of Hell, Meat Loaf/Jim Steinman

I wish my answer were: Canon EOS 3 (35mm film) because it's the camera I love using the most but take the fewest pictures with.

Realistically, it would be a Canon crop-frame polycarbonate body DSLR because I know the Canon system and such a camera is a good balance of size, weight, and image quality for me.

Just to demonstrate that I can't follow directions, my #1 rock song would be Choux a la Creme by Hiromi.

1. Nikon D810, because it fits what I do: candid people shots in not-well-lit environs.
2. Love Reign O'er Me - the Who


Leica Monochrom; either one. Since I have one and all the lenses I could want, I'm not playing this game any more.

Rock & Roll? Depends on my mood.

I feel like I'm fixin' to die Rag
White Rabbit
Stairway to Heaven
A Day in the Life
When the Music's Over

P.S. Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love

I have that camera. I've been using it for about that long. Yes, I have other cameras, but this one would do just fine if it was the only one. I really don't think expensive necessarily means a better tool for photography.

I'd pick my trusty Nikon D7000. If I get to keep my lens kit, I've got pretty much everything covered. If I only get one lens I'd take my old 18-200 Nikkor.

Oh yea, extra credit: "Paint It Black."

Four years with the Sony A7RII and a trio of native lenses, wide, normal and tele (I'm not being specific at the moment, but they all have to be top notch IQ to match the resolution). I'm a Pentaxian that has been waiting for a full frame Pentax for some time. Sony, in the A7RII has made what Pentax should have. The IBIS and all those focus points are what put me over the top. I'd have this setup if I could justify the cost. Perhaps one day. I could live four years and more with this beauty.

Extra Credit: You Can't Always Get What You Want - Jagger/Richards from the album "Let It Bleed"

Nikon F100. Loaded with Tri-X for portraits and Delta 100 for landscapes. And if I were restricted to one lens, it would be the 45mm pancake Nikkor.

Why? It's such a well-designed tool. No camera's perfect, but this one strikes the best balance for me.

Probably my Sony RX100 IV.

Why? Because it's an outstanding camera that's now refined to near perfection in its fourth model. It's small enough to go anywhere and versatile enough to enable me to accomplish most of what I'd expect to do during four years.

My Voigtlander BESSA III 667W

Simple to operate, beautiful film negatives and looks fantastic.

Dear Mike,

Hmmmm, an Olympus OMD EM5vII, converted to IR by LifePixel. Seriously.

The song's harder. I am four-way torn between "Paradise by the Dashboard Light"- Meatloaf, "Suite for Judy Blue Eyes" - CSNY, "Arriving Somewhere But Not Here"- Porcupine Tree, and "Won't Get Fooled Again"- The Who.

pax / Ctein

My Fuji X-T1. Sure hope it lasts another four years!

Leica S.

"What's it gonna be boy, yes or no?" #1 rock and roll song... Paradise By the Dashboard Light !

After all the awesome film and digital cameras I owned, I would be happy with just a Sony A7RII, and a bunch of 50mm lenses of all kinds.
For the best song ever - Rammstein's Seeman performed by Nina Hagen, and Apocalyptica -

Dude, I'm still using my Olympus E-1.

For your challenge, I'd make it the Leica M7 with a handful of awesome lenses. If given such an opportunity, I would exclusively shoot B&W film for the duration.

Of my current collection of cameras, I'd do the same with my OM-3Ti and the 28/2 and 100/2.

Bohemian Rhapsody.

Ooops, forgot the song, so again:

Camera: Ricoh GR or GR II.

Rock Song: Beatles, Abbey Road, The Medley (You Never Give Me Your Money / Sun King / Mean Mr. Mustard / Polythene Pam / She Came In Through the Bathroom Window / Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight / The End)

There have been many epic songs / medleys since but this one is epic-er.

Runner up: London Calling, The Clash.

Nikon D810.
I am of an age that I want things to be as I know them, and this is the best of the lot that fulfills that criteria. Currently the best there is and certainly will be good enough for me, forever.

Nikon F6

Just because, well, because.

Layla, the original version. Though it's hard to argue with Talking Heads' Burning Down the House or Dylan's Like a Rolling Stone, which are also mentioned.

The one I already have, the Sony Alpha A7II. Light, small, robust, and best of all, mated to the Zeiss Loxias, a dream come true.

P.S. Have you heard about the new Zeiss Loxia 21 f2.8 lens? Seems really sweet.

I would still take my Olympus E-M1. Small enough to take most places. Not big and heavy like larger sensor cameras, but large enough sensor for anything I need. Built like a tank. Excellent lenses. Fun using old lenses with adapters. Its just right.

Ricoh GR
Won't get fooled again, The Who

Leica S
Pink Floyd Echoes

Not an iPhone.
'Rock 'n Roll Outlaw' by Angry Andersen of Rose Tattoo.
Angoy was a nutter in one of the Mad Max films.

WFC3 on Hubble. The only downside would be the four-year gap of photos of my kids as they grow up. But at least I'd have a good excuse.

I don't have to tell you why -- you already know.

"Dirty Water" by the Standells.

Camera: Mamiya C330 TLR.

Why: I owned one and I miss it. Did a lot of my best work with that camera. Could work slowly, view camera style, or fast 35mm style. Big, bright focus screen - my "office". Superb image quality, built to last, simple, mindful.

Best rock and roll song: Dreamer - Supertramp.

Nikon D4S. It can do everything.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T, the way Aretha spells it.

Boring. Yet another lazy "what camera would you have" post to get readers to provide the input. How about which image/photographer/photography book do you like instead? That would be a lot more interesting for all concerned.

[Actually, the opposite. Posts with lots of comments are the most work for me, as I spend more time on comments than on writing. As for people not liking this post, wait a few days and look how many responses it gets. Saturday is our lowest traffic day and there's no harm in having a little gear fun. Lighten up! --Mike J.]

Leica Monochrome with a 28 and a 75.

Best song? Dazed and confused, but don't get me started....

Friday Night Lite
Pentax K3

I could live with a lightly used K5, which I'm planning to do anyway. I don't need more than the 16 odd MP the K5 gives, but the K3 has better AF. Size and weight are nearly the same. I've had a K20D for 7 years but I know it won't last forever; my plan is for it to take second body position.

I like the way the K20D works, and I've got my head around it now. I don't want to be spending (wasting!) some of the next few years getting used to a new operating system.

Extra credit
Best Rock and/or roll song? H'mm. I'm more of a rock guy, but Chuck Berry's No Particular Place To Go has got everything a rock 'n' roll song needs; an American car, young lust, and humour.

Brownie Points
Pentax DSLRs are pretty good for focusing in poor light; ideal for photographing rock 'n' roll bands in dark halls.

Best all round Sony A7 series. Probably with 35mm (Loxia or Sony FE).

Johnny B Goode / Whole Lotta Love

You know, I started thinking about an Olympus E-M1 and then onto the Sony RX1R II and then I thought he did say cost no object…?

And then I thought, well, in that case, I wouldn't have to worry about the cost of buying, developing and scanning Kodak Portra, would I? And then I thought Mamiya 7 although my Olympus XA is still tempting since carrying around almost all the time, even with flash, is so easy.

But why not commit to four years of Mamiya 7 use. As long as I don't have to take care of film related costs myself and I get decent scans I don't have to do myself. Perfect. A Mamiya 7(II) it is. I'll be fine with just the 80mm lens, but I could probably find use for the 65mm and the 150mm every once in a while.

My X1pro
If you mean rock and roll- Heart brake hotel - Elvis
If you mean Rock - Synpathy for the Devil - Rolling Stones

Olympus OMD-EM10. I own it plus a big Pentax DSLR. More and more I'm taking the Olympus out and leaving the Pentax at home. I like the way it fits in my pocket and I have really grown to like the EVF. I won't stop having gear lust and wanting other/better/more cameras but I think I'd be happy if I was forced to stick with the EM10 for four years.

Rock song? That's really tough. Pretty Vacant, by the Sex Pistols.

Just checked my email receipt and it appears the Olympus E-P1 + Lumix 20mm has been my only camera for just over 5 years now. I always planned to get a few more lenses but the 20mm was just "good enough" that I never did.

I'd happily go another 4 (or 5!) years with an updated body - like the E-M10. In the real world I'm going to keep the PEN until it fails.

1. Sony A7rII
2. It's small light and high quality with good lenses. Any of the A7x series with the Zony 35/2.8 give a flexible light camera for walkatound use, yet you can build an amazing system with all sorts of lenses. I use Canon EF, Contax/Yashica, Contax G and Tamron Adaptall lenses as well as my two Sonys.

In reality I'll stick with my current A7r because Money is an object. If it wasn't I'd still add the new Loxia 21, Batis 25 & 85 to my Zony 35 & 55 lenses before updating the camera as my manual focus lenses get little benefit from the newer camera. I Will add the Batii as soon as I can though.

3. There's no such thing as a Bona Fide 'greatest'. Great Rock or pop must be smart, sharp, danceable, about the here and now and different next week.

EOS 5D MkIII (great image quality, great AF for action).
Gimmie shelter.

Olympus OM-D E-M5 mark ii with three Pro zooms would probably do it, especially if I don't lose points for having two excellent primes (Leica 25/1.4 and Oly (sigma?) 75/1.8 within reach, and two bodies so that I don't have to switch stuff around very often.

But I could equally well go for four years with (two) M[240]s and a bagfull of primes. And for a desert island, one body, one lens, the M[240} with the 28/1.4 that came out recently. The Leica stuff seems like it will last for four years. The Olympus gear, despite dramatic demonstations of water-proofiness, is a little less robust -- I've cracked one LCD, and sweated up another so that the eye-detector doesn't work right.


Rolleiflex 2,8 planar.
Janis Joplin: "Me and Bobby McGee".

Nikon d8oo
I saw her standing there, The Beatles
Runner up Cold Sweat, James Brown

Olympus EM-1 (if I'm only allowed one lens, then the 12-40 f2.8 PRO).

It just works the way I want. Was tempted to pick a film camera (Canon F1 or T90) - but realistically I don't want to spend that much time in a darkroom again.

Song. The Only Ones - Another Girl Another Planet

My actual camera could make it that long:
Fuji xe2 with 27 pancake. I wanted it because of focal length and size of the whole package, and now i am too lazy to look somewhere else.
Current favourite best R&R-song: Motörhead - Thunder and lightning....

I had a Canon F1n for an eternity, but I could live with a Fuji x100T comfortably for 4 years or more...

Best Rock n Roll, c'mon just ONE...

Cortez the Killer - Neil Young

Shine on you Crazy Diamond - Pink Floyd

Pentax 645Z. Been using it for over a year now, and could easily see using it exclusively for the next 4. I'd miss some shots, but the ones I'd get and am getting are the ones I really want and work for, as opposed to the serendipitous ones I'd probably miss because of size/weight issues. With a bag of lenses and a flash or so it is a bear to tote by the end of the day. That should speak to the sort of photography that matters to me, though. But it's a better street camera than you might think....

Runners up: A7RII (I have the A7R, and it could be a runner up), the newly announced/leaked Pentax FF, or the newly announced RX1RII. This last would be the camera I'd have with me all the time.

Synchronicity: I pretty well did this the other day after an "enough" moment surveying a raft of increasingly cranky old lenses and a modern DSLR that never really did what it said on the tin. I put all my gear in a kit bag, took it to the camera shop where I've bought everything for a decade now and said, "I'm looking for simplicity. Give me a PX against something that is a pleasure to use, made for a photographer, easy to carry, good IQ, reliable." He gave me an Olympus camera with a 12-40mm zoom and 25mm f1.8. I walked out a somewhar freer man. So far, lovely quality and a pleasure to use. Job done.

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