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Friday, 23 October 2015


I loved my Speed Graphic. Sold it to buy a Wista. Occasionally wish I still had it but I already have too many cameras.

I want to see the photo of you with the booth babe, Mike.

Oh, and did you see the new Canon printer and any impressions of same?

Well Mike, we finally share some history. I have a Mendez portrait of myself from Photo Expo taken 2 years ago hanging over my desk.

Welcome to the club.

And yes, I would love to be part of a NYC meet-up.

Louis Mendes is how you spell his name. I see him almost everyday and took his photo: http://gregbrophy.com/blog/photoville2015 He is in front of B&H everyday so if you want your photo taken, go there.

I once heard someone ask him what is that (referring to the camera) He said it was an ATM machine. It prints money. He's a really nice guy.

I am sorry that I missed you. I was there from the opening bell until about 1-ish, when I had to dash uptown to get a bite and then swing over to MOMA for the fab Picasso Sculpture show. Unfortunately the photo exhibition was still in the throes of install.

Next time I go I am going to have my portrait taken by Mr. Mendes. By then I will have lost enough weight to feel good about it (I'm more than 1/2 way there...).

FYI: the new RX1RII is a very nice piece of kit, with its new pop-up viewfinder. I also was impressed by the Pentax FF under glass.

Smiling while sitting in the Graflex building in Rochester NY.

"NJ Transit train to Suffern"

Apparently said with no irony whatsoever.I'm impressed,

The first time I'm not in NYC you come to visit. Or vice versa,

I still owe you a trip to the opera.

By the way, Lewis Mendes has the most interesting way of negotiating the fee for his work, it's an art in itself.

I love my Speed Graphic. Bought it in 1973. I have no idea how old it might be, but it had been around a long time before I got it. Still use it with a Polaroid pack back, though not as much since Fuji stopped making their 3000 speed black and white film. Really miss that beautiful film.

I believe Mr. Mendes spells his first name "Louis."

I believe that the full name of that town is Suffern Succotash.

"on the NJ Transit train to Suffern"
"Whenever I walk to Suffern along the Erie track" begins a poem by Joyce Kilmer. A rest stop along the NJ Turnpike named after him. Molly Pitcher so-honored on the South bound direction.
A lot of history surrounding you, and nothing whatever to do with photography. (No, I'm not from NJ. Just things that have stuck in my memory from business trips that took me that way)

>Lewis Mendes, the famous New York City street-corner portraitist.

So that was the guy with the Speed Graphic standing on the corner outside of B&H last time I was in NYC!

I love the Speed Graphic - I use one sparingly, and a Baby Linhoff Technika. Oddly, the Linhoff is the camera I use when I'm at all worried about something getting messed up - the far less pricey Graphic is more valuable, as it was the camera my dad used throughout college, and the camera he shot pictures of the moon landing on TV. Funny how a set of initials engraved on the bottom can lower the resale but make it priceless.

I'm off to The Digital Imaging Show on the 4th of November, in Milton Keynes. I've not been to it before, but it's free to get in. If any of you lot are there, come and say hello. You can see my picture here. I'm the one with the beard.

I gave my son my old crown graphic to use in college. That was some time ago and he has pushed a fair share of Velvia and TXP through it. He's a semester away from his MFA and I think the old graphic is going to stay at his house from now on. Great old cameras that are still relevant.

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