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Sunday, 04 October 2015


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Two things occur:
1. People are healthier and fitter for longer, so women are more attractive into their later years than used to be the case.
2. Even in the 40-49 age group the ratio is more unattached females than mails.

What does this mean? It means that all those unattached young men should be looking at some of those older women. :)

Hmm, interesting. The areas with the highest concentration of unmatched men or women aligns perfectly with a recent Instagram study showing where the most selfies are taken:)


Mike, two jokes came to mind while reading this statistically interesting post.
First: What was the hillbilly's last words?
Answer: "Hey, y'all, watch this!"
Second: Why do men tend to die several years before their wives?
Answer: Because they want to.
BTW, I have been happily married for 27 years, and yes, to the same wonderful woman.

I think you are under stressing an obvious fact: men tend to be interested in women who are sexually attractive, and this has it's age limits even in today's age of plastic medicine wonders. On the other hand, men's attractiveness seems to always increase along with the size of their wallets.

If you put a camera around the neck of those groups, you can keep the first age group ratio until death. ;)

Listen to Loudon.

Orange County, CA is Cougar Country. Lots of amorous old ladies with boyfriends (emphasis on boy) young enough to be their grand kidz 8-)

Many widows in costal OC own their homes and have a large bank account, thanks to their over-achiever late husbands. I was born before WW2, and occasionally a hot 70 y.o. will hit on me 8-)

I hate to speak the truth here, but also look at how many single men above the age of 35 seriously consider relationships with women their own age, and you'll see another problem older women are facing.

**The Middle East and North Africa are predominantly Muslim, and Islam officially forbids consumption of alcohol.

[Okay, but so do the Navajo. --Mike]

One point not even entered into, homosexual men tend to outnumber by not very much, lesbians. And by the same note men become womyn by sex reassignment surgery.
Sort of makes you think....
maybe some former men are trying to live longer than what the statistics
tell them.

Similar statistics here in Australia for Aboriginal people, also only exposed to alcohol for a few hundred years. Alcohol use seems to be determined strongly by sub-culture. I was in Spain and Portugal in July, perfect weather for late night drinking. In both countries cheap booze is available in every corner store (unlike Australia, where sales are strongly regulated). The only people I saw drunk late at night were young white males from English speaking countries.

I don't quite agree that Navajos, and aborigines in Australia, have alcohol problem just because they have been exposed to it only for a few hundred years. Maybe shutting them off from society into a reservation with no or limited availability of jobs and future prospects is another even bigger reason? Young people in most countries are today in the same boat. How will that affect the ratios in the next 30-50 years is more for somebody to study.

Also, there being more male photographers than females decimates the male population further, too. Anyone know what the danger level to photographers is in relation to the first three?

"But if you're a single man over age 60 trying to find a woman your own age and can't, well, you're probably not trying hard enough."

I'm over 60, but I couldn't find someone to date if my life depended on it. I'm living in an area of the country that is entirely outside my personal 'culture', and have virtually nothing in common with 98% of the citizens, or at least the citizens I meet or have access to. I'm talking about really deep political and cultural differences, too! In addition, I've always dated "old", i.e. rarely date someone younger than I am, and usually skew older, but still, I'd date anyone I had anything in common with, trust me, most of use are NOT looking for a 28-35 year old, and in fact, wouldn't want one!

I read a study not long ago that said older people, especially women, prefer to stay single, rather than get involved in a relationship that isn't exactly what they want; and that "exactly what they want" bar actually gets higher and higher the more they're not involved with someone. Trust me, it goes from: "I wouldn't date him because I'm a liberal, and he's a conservative business owner who's mistreating his employees." ...to... "I'm never calling him again, he actually wore a black shirt on our last date!"

BTW, the joke is: "Do you know men who are married live longer than single men? No, it just seems longer."

I saw an article recently debunking the theory of genetic predilection to alcoholism for Native Americans. Unfortunately, the margin of this comment is too small to hold it. (Or, more precisely, I don't remember where it was. Presented by somebody paying attention and looked like a decent source, but I'm not sure.)

Valar morghulis

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