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Thursday, 15 October 2015


Thing is, there's no trees in that photograph,see?
And no leaves either. So the internet's still right after all.
I have an XT-1 and will never take a picture of a tree until they return to the good ol' Bayer.
As for the X-Trans and Lightroom...When will they learn?
I mean, how hard can it be!?!

Oops. I guess that means the landscapes I shoot with my Micro 4/3 cameras are even more unsuitable. Oh well...

[Or just as much not at all unsuitable. --Mike]

Mike, surely you know better than to make judgments based on actual photographs. That aside, what do you make of the relative scarcity of images shot with Nikons among the award winners?

That, and apparently only young people uses Nikon. And no one uses Sony...

Even more unsuitable: film. Gasp! It had low resolution (in 35mm size), grain, poor exposure range from shadows to clouds, most lenses did not have "stabilization" (i.e., you had to hold the camera with two hands), and so many other inferior properties. Quelle horreur, how did photographers get by for 100+ years?

Of course! I guess I'd have to throw out my cereal-box pinhole set up then, too....

Still, is that a lot of processing for a winning image...?

"post-processing in Lightroom, exposure recovery for foreground, highlight recovery, clarity and curves, post-process linear and select radial grad, minor dodging and burning, sharpening appropriate to Fuji RAF file"

As you said here recently, its the light...

Damn! Now I have to delete all those landscapes images taken with my X-T1. I should've checked the forums before taking the images. Hope it's ok to use for Street, Portraits, Still Life, Documentary and othe genre...

Mike, I'm not sure you're going to succumb to the Sony song once you get your hands on one. Just sayin'.

Huzzah for Greg! My X-T1 and I (we were also accompanied by my wife) just returned from Iceland as well. What a stunningly beautiful and magical place, as evidenced by Greg's photo.

I'm not typically a landscape shooter per se, but it's impossible to resist.

I don't need to read forums, I work with middle and high school students.

I read plenty of forums, this is the first time I heard that Fuji is not for landscape. (well, maybe one guy, but he is ridiculed enough already, and to be fair his statements were relative to some other heavy hitters).

And I read all over the internet that Lightroom and Fuji didn't work well together. More surprises.

Apparently the fellow may have won a furry pet, which appears to be hanging off his left shoulder.

What an awful website design, that huge static banner on top with the skinny scrolling area below.....

Just did a quick google search-- couldn't find anything that said the Fuji was unsuitable for landscapes. Well, except this one guy posting under the name "Scarecrow" but I saw through him pretty quickly.


And two using large format film. Don't these people know that this is old technology and shouldn't be used.

Dear Bob,

Really, that is not an especially large amount of processing, not in terms of the time and effort nor the aesthetic impact.

Unless one is one of those purists who think the photograph should come purely from the camera and be presented unsullied by human hands. There are folks like that. They don't get paid much mind, save by their fellow purists.

Kind of like the folks who thought that one of the special virtues of Kodachrome was that you could do absolutely nothing to improve the photograph once you'd pressed the shutter. Uh huh, sure whatever you say.

Unless it was a condition of the contest, I don't even see a reason for presenting such information. It gets in the way of appreciating the photograph, and seeing as it's not a highly specific tutorial it's not really teaching anything useful about the craft.

I mean, how often have you seen a B&W darkroom print exhibited as art with a note from the photographer saying, "I printed this on VC paper and I did some dodging and burning in." 'Cause that's totally valuable information to have.

pax / Ctein

Crumbs, I'm not in Iceland, I'm not in the UK and I haven't got an XT-1. I may as well give up now. Oh, wait, there's one with a K-5. I can shoot landscapes after all. Phew.

Seriously, I've thought I've made a few nice pics in my life, but I can't match these. The standard is so high now. Fabulous stuff.

I thought those Fugifilm cameras were for nothing but landscapes, that G617 in particular. Oh wait you mean ...

So why does Fuji put the word film on their cameras anyway?
That would be like Ford naming a car after a horse!
Oh never mind ...

The X-E1 is even worser! I can't shoot a landscape because my E1 won't (insert whatever some Fuji hater says here).
Really can't stand how these came out yet I still keep shooting and hoping.






As anyone who reads the internet knows, when you can't do something it's always the camera's fault.

Had a long try-out with A7Rii the other day and decided to wait for the Xpro2. The controls seem to have been borrowed from a $300 point and shoot camera. Bit like climbing in a Ferrari and finding the steering wheel from a Toyota Starlet.

As for 42 megapixels, I decided I didn't even need 36, so it's not tempting at all.

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