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Tuesday, 13 October 2015


I have to admit, it takes a special kind of person to write:

"I burn out on cameras and my OCD fails to kick in. ... I need to take a break, settle back, and just use one camera for a while. Papa's gotta get his groove back. ... Paying attention to pictures and not gear."

...and then IMMEDIATELY follow it up with an announcement that he will be going to PhotoPlus Expo.

I admire your duality!

Enjoy the show,

Hi Mike, I hope to see you there. I'm taking Megabus in from Providence RI.

I'll be the guy with an oversized infant strapped to the front of me. Hope to say 'hi'!

See if Fuji's got an X-Pro2 lying around!

It appears that Epson has quietly made the P400 available in the US as well.

While you're out there take a peek at the new Sony RX1r II, just announced today. It looks like it's a winner, particularly since it now incorporates a pop-up viewfinder. But for that price it really should have IBIS, even with a 35mm lens.

(No, I'm not tempted at all. Sold my RX1 some months ago. Like you, I'm simplifying -- to some degree.)

I'd be there, except for the little detail that I just had my right knee replaced this morning.

(The better to walk East Lake road next summer)

Enjoy the candy store, Mike.

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