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Thursday, 01 October 2015


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As any photographer knows, photography is a tough field of endeavor especially documentary photographers and it is always gratifying to see talent rewarded.
My congratulations to Ms. Frazier.
I have to answer my phone now!
Mi dos centavos

Congratulations indeed to LaToya Ruby Frazier. I understand she teaches at the SAIC but I have no contact with the museum's school so I've not met her.

I noticed that Ms. Frazier was recently featured in one of The Met's "The Artist Project" short videos, commenting on an iconic Gordon Parks image so she seems to be notching-up her public relations. She'll certainly get more attention now.

There was an NPR story with a selection of her photographs, too:

Wow, what is it about Braddock, first Tony Buba and now LaToya Ruby Frazier?

Not easy combining politics and personal/local history into art that is uniquely relevant, current and engaging.


Awesome, congratulations to LaToya. I was surprised to see she is documenting Braddock, a really interesting steel town just outside Pittsburgh that I have photographed several times over the past few years.

I've seen her work and it's predictable and mediocre. Great bio photo though, wonderful marketing. And I hope the cash helps her Mom.

And very inspiring to see her apparently photographing with a behemoth RZ67 without tripod :-)

I agree with Frank above. Very average photos. Wouldn't like to see the also-rans.

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