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Tuesday, 27 October 2015


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I enjoyed Shutterfinger, now it's TOP, LuLa, and VSL.

I've never been a wide guy...but then I had a baby and bought the Fuji 14mm (used on an X-E2) and discovered it was the perfect baby lens! It's been my most used lens for the past 2 years because of this, though now the little guy is mobile I find myself using the 23mm f/1.4 more for the extra reach and, importantly, the higher shutter speed. Toddlers are fast!

Note: I am not suggesting that Gordon is a big baby. (Hi Gordon! Long time no chat!)

I'm happy you enjoyed your trip!

When I saw your favorite photograph of Gordon Lewis with his camera, I winced at his contorted body, twisted so as to view through the Viewfinder. It made me more grateful for the articulated LCD which makes photographing so much more relaxed, shooting from chest or waist level.

- Richard

"...I'm liking the Fuji 14mm lens... I'm suddenly 'seeing wide,' and I have no idea why."

That's interesting - some time ago, I asked your opinion privately on the Pentax DA15mm lens (22.5mm equiv), which you were trialling on the Pentax K-5 at the time. If I recall your comment rightly, it was a focal length you (at the time) didn't care for.

We don't always choose these impulses and developments; we may never even understand how they arise. We just have to remind ourselves: consistency is a virtue for trains (grin).

The other day I went to an exhibition of Alberto Giacometti portraits (painting and sculpture) in London - recommended. In the 1940s he found himself impelled to work on smaller and smaller a scale - nothing else felt so right or real. He returned to Paris bringing all his recent sculptures, in some matchboxes. He seems to have been as mystified as anybody, as to the why of this.

I miss Shutterfinger.

One of the few good reasons for buying new gear is the chance to see differently.

Wow! Where did you find such an uncrowded street in NYC?. Love the first image with Gordon and the flag, and well played on the portrait with the perfect street photograph looking over the shoulder of the Street Photography book author. Well played sir!

Regarding the wide lens - are you shooting more in urban settings?

What is it about some people, where you can tell almost from the first moment you meet that they're filled with some sort of positive energy? You introduced me to Gordon on the show floor, and I knew in an instant that he'd be a ball to hang out with. That he's also a fantastic photographer is also pretty nice. :)

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