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Thursday, 10 September 2015


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And may I just add, that is the best photographer name ever.

As an addendum to your comment, it's been postulated that a name is the "life guide" for an individual. It could not be more appropriate for a photographer's given name than Matt Black.
(If only I had been named Brovira!)
Mi dos pesos

"Fence Post" would be a great photograph if it wasn't so over-cooked. I'm really getting sick of that look.

Best name ever for a photographer. Even better than the geologist I know whose last name is "Mountain" (and another francophone geologist whose last name is "de la Roche;" French for "of the rock"). Oh, and the ornithologist I know whose last name is "Bird." (I'm not even kidding about these.)

I like the subject matter presentation and most of the compositions but am not overly keen on the over-use of HDR and whatever other digital-dreck processing being done.

Time Magazine has an "Instagram Photographer of the Year" award?! Really? Well,...OK then! Congratulations to Matt!

What prompted you to call this photographer out, Mike?

Thanks for the tip. I look forward to seeing the exhibition and the pics in print.

A slight adaptation of the Dan Quayle quote comes to mind:)

I first met Matt about two years ago when he gave a presentation of his work at the San Francisco Art Institute, in the excellent series of photographer talks hosted there by Darcy Padilla. I thought then and think now that his is among the strongest documentary work being done. He has been living among the migrant workers of the California Central Valley for quite a long time now - several years - working on a shoestring and turning out powerful images. I can't think of a photographer better suited for entry to Magnum Photos. Congratulations, Matt! Maybe now both you and the people who have invited you into their lives will get the attention they deserve.

The sample certainly looks like an overdose of contrast.

For those criticizing the over processed look in the photo above, while I generally concur with such sentiments, for whatever reason, it just doesn't bother me here- perhaps because it helps serve the abstraction, perhaps because I'm still in complete awe that someone took could take an image of such magnitude using an iphone (or even a Sony RX 100).

Regardless- make sure to view his analog B&W...

Nice photos and if Darcy Padilla hosted him, he must be good :-)

But the oddest thing is that when we emigrated to US, we lived in the slum - 109 Ludlow St. To think that there is now a gallery just a couple blocks away...

Not being rude, but were you going to publish this on April 1? If one were to invent a photographer to go with that image, the name would be most apropos. Overcooked seems like an understatement.

Here's a great video of him tlaking about his approach to photography and his subject matter: https://vimeo.com/106332129

this is speechless photography, I want to congratulate photographer for this amazing click

צילום ילדים

Wished he'd go easy on the HDR "slider" though.

A la appropriate name. There is a printers in Belfast (Ireland) called Reid and Wright. Genuine name. They've been there for many years so it's not a marketing ploy..

I grinned when I read Mr. Black's name; seems like a destiny name if you ask me. However, I do not like the fried pixels look, but understand why Mike showcased Mr. Black. I do want to say, "Congratulations to Mr. Matt Black," for all his accomplishments and entry to Magnum Photos.

I looked at the few online photographs I could find of Matt's work and I am thoroughly impressed.
As for HDR and "overcooking" I suppose one could accuse Gene Smith of overcooking (albeit posthumously) as was his habit of exposing for the highlights and letting the shadows fall where they may.
Matt's work is impressive.
Less than mi dos pesos.

Dear folks,

Unless Matt is "printing" for a mediocre quality 800 pax JPEG (and he might be, for all I know), you simply cannot judge whether he has "overcooked" his photographs. You are not viewing them in anything close to the intended form.

All you might say, if you were so inclined, is that this interpretation didn't hold up well in this form.

Trying to do more than that is like trying to judge the literary merits of Faulkner by reading the Readers Digest condensed version. It is simply unfair to the work.

pax / Ctein

Christos thanks for the Vimeo link. Really enjoyed the video. Seems like a serious photographer doing very interesting work.

Thanks Mike. I just looked at his website, and the work is amazing and very much in the vein of classic Magnum photographers. (http://www.mattblack.com).

The allegedly overcooked style is noticeable, but I think very much in concert with his photos and composition, and seems more thoughtful than reflexive. Some of his Kingdom of Dust photos are heavily manipulated, but all seem to serve what the photos are trying to say. No. 8 with the field on fire is especially outstanding.

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