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Tuesday, 15 September 2015


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Why, thank you! I know that you really mean me, but of course you can't write that directly...

But seriously, yes:

1) I've experienced similar things on my own blog, meeting bright people and getting very useful tips.

2) Yes, your readership clearly has an estimated 15-20% more brain than on the average net forum. (And if we include all forums, that's becomes a very conservative estimate indeed.)

You're welcome ;)
Thank you for this unique blog, Mike.

It's just such a pleasure to have daily access to so many smart and well-informed people. I'm very grateful for it. Thank you so much.

This reader says the very same to you, sir.

Hey Mike, this (your blog) is a symbiotic relationship, you win, we win, that's the beauty of it.

Sorry, ataxia product of my impetus make me press the post button in advance. My previous post continues as follows:

I love your site, I enjoy it every day. I don't comment to much because of my primitive rough english.

And thank YOU for bringing all these smart people together, so that we all benefit.

Thank you Mike! This is the photography hangout that matters most to me.

I like this blog for the various topic it covers, not just photography. Its been my daily morning read, enjoyed with coffee :)

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