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Monday, 28 September 2015


I completely agree with Michael Cytrynowicz' comments. Small adjustments in type positioning can make a whole lot of difference. I was partially sensitized to this when Sumner Stone gave a presentation at Adobe showing some very subtle tweaks, and the difference they made.

"I still love the painting, but am constantly distracted by the fact that she included ".com" after her signature on the work."

Holy moley! That's a new one to me. Incredible.

My $0.02 - leave the .com off the sign. Give the passersby some credit. They'll be able to find the site.

I think the shadowed font decreases the readability.

PBS did a fascinating program on your coyote hybrids, Mike. They called it a Coywolf and you could find it at http://www.pbs.org/wnet/nature/coywolf-meet-the-coywolf/8605/

We flew over your lovely area a few weeks ago in a commercial jet, and I really would have liked to visit, but they suggested I not take "Do Drop Inn" too literally...

Thanks for the only blog I read each time I'm online,

Please get a proper designer to lay out your sign. What you have now is the equivalent of uncle bob photographing a wedding. And definitely lose the ".com".

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