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Sunday, 20 September 2015


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Sounds like a wonderful idea. I'm too far away to participate, but I'm looking forward to your write ups and the images!

It's great to see you diversifying and potentiall making the blog less dependant (I'm guessing) on Amazon who are entirely untrustworthy. Your new location presents great possibilities. Good luck!

Too bad I'm several thousand miles away, otherwise it would be a pleasure to take part in your workshop. Anyway, kudos for that.
Loved the Mr. X. Trans pun, although I suspect many fellow readers would prefer it if the picture had been taken by Mr. X. Moore.

Darn, I wish you had started this in Waukesha, Why don't you plan a return visit to your old home town and while there schedule a few reviews, perhaps during the football season where you can rejuvenate your love of the Packers.

Oh to live in America. Ah well, I'll have to enjoy this vicariously.

Well, there goes the neighborhood, Mike.
But, given your experience, I am certain it's a bargain.
Most photographers make horrible editors.
Mi dos pesos.

I'd love to do this. But I spend all my disposable income on finding the right camera and lenses that I know will improve my photography.

While not too far from the truth, you live in a part of the country I'd love to see and it would be a pleasure to meet you.

I'm in great need of a direction for my chosen hobby.I tried the one camera one lens one year excercise and only made it two months before running out of ideas for subjects in the few square miles I spend most of my time in.

Maybe you'd consider an hourly fee for few internet/phone call sessions.

Dear Mike,

To return the advice you frequently give photographers...

... You are underpricing your product.

A lot.

pax / Ctein

Did not realize the pixelated leaves post in early September was the new place. Very nice. Did not know it was so extensive. That looks like a really nice photo studio there with the double garage doors.

You are also a fairly pleasant 4 hour drive from Toronto (and its airport), in case those of us in the Great White North are included in this offer.

I'm interested in your offer to review some of my work. I will be in the NY area as I have an opening in a little gallery in Cornwall on Hudson on Nov 21. I could stop by your place a few days before or after that. How do we proceed? Al DaValle

What a generous offer! I am so jealous of those who can make it to you. I'm in the UK, and have Responsibilities with a capital R, so it will be some time before I turn up, alas.

What a good idea!

Did you mean Buffalo, not Detroit? The Finger Lakes are farther than an hour's drive from Detroit.

(Is it not possible to fly into Rochester or Syracuse, I don't know airlines or their schedules.)

Question Mike: will you do that online for those of us not quite at driving distance from TOP HQs?

[Not at first, no, but maybe later. --Mike]

The option to combine the portfolio review with a visit to George Eastman House may be a good idea.

Hi Mike:

Sounds terrific, though I won't have a chance to visit for a year or two. Good fortune to you on this new enterprise!

Best wishes,

Richard Ripley

To echo Ctein - great rates! I already fantasising about building a trip from Australia to the wonderful NE of North America around this offer. I do hope it turns into a pleasant income stream for you Mike.

You have already given this some thought and ruled it out, but make it a B&B in the Finger Lakes overnight deal and at $600 for six hours of serious work, I daresay you'll be booked solid.

I tutor too but include naked girls in the fee so top that ;-p

Yeah, now that you've moved half a continent away from me you do this. Thanks so much!

(Sounds like it could be a good thing for lots of people, and that it would be reasonably obvious to people who would benefit even.)

It would be fun to visit. I was last in the Finger Lakes region as a young kid. My uncle (now long deceased)lived in the area and was a professor at a local college. He was the one who got me interested in photography. Years after his death his son, my cousin,gave me a Rollei my uncle had owned. There was exposed B&W film in the camera. I had it developed--good as new. No Vivian Maier images, but interesting nonetheless.

Looking forward to online options of this service (from the other side of Atlantic)!

Mike, too far away for me. However, I'd be interested to know your approach to the review. Especially those parts where you run up against subjective vs. objective .

Hi Mike
I'll be visiting Brooklyn for 9 days at the end of next month, and I'd love to do this. Just 2 questions!
1) I'm a professional wedding photographer in Scotland and would like to talk about that aspect of my work. Does that put you off?
2) Is it possible to get to you via train?

Hey Mike,
I'm going to fly over to the US for the next time not before 2017, unfortunately! So would you please take my reservation now and not raise the price until then? (I'm with Ctein saying that you're underpricing.)
What a great offer from you!
Btw.: Man, you look like you're in great shape, please make a repost of the articles about your diet, your workout and your love life ;-)
Cheers from Germany

I'll concur with Ctein's opinion on your proposed billing rate. For small gigs, double it! Only long-term commitments should get a more favorable rate, but not so low as $100/hour.

Offered from the perspective of a freelance IT consultant.

A further thought - perhaps we could send a box of prints and then skype with you? Not the same as f2f but still, photography doesn't pay that well any more... ;-)

Hi Mike,

Can you publish or link to the questionnaire when it is ready? For those like me who have projects but doesn't have a portfolio yet. (I'm a 1.5 wanting to be a 3.)

Are questions about the proper lens to use verboten as well? (I hope not!)

A working visit with you would be a high point for an enthusiast visiting the U.S.A. for the first time.

Will you be open to doing this online, by skype or some such video chat, with the portfolio sent ahead of time?

Button down collar shirt, jeans, and sneakers. My kind of sartorial splendor.

You can call it TOPR - The Offline Portfolio Review.

Best of luck with this. Like others on this side of the pond can only hope one day to come over.

Looks SO beautiful where you are !


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