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Wednesday, 30 September 2015


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If Cuba is anything like French Kiss, it's a gold mine and a bargain.
My two pesos

Congratulations, Peter! With the normalization of U.S. - Cuban relations Cuba will quickly become a new American theme park. That is, we are about to see the full avalanche of Cuban visual cliches flood into Internet photo sites. So it's wonderful that someone with such keen skills and intense vision will be the first American photographer to show in Cuba and set the high water mark early.

Cuban Photographer-

from the series, "See See Havana".

I've no doubt they're wonderful images (I bought French Kiss) but postage to the UK is a rather eye-watering $45. That's almost 2/3 of the price of the book.

Purchase made. The wonderful thing about Peter aside from his talent is him. I emailed him after the purchase with a few queries and observations and he responded almost immediately.

If I can ever afford to take a photo workshop it will be with Peter. He's just a great guy, and yes that's based on only emails but his spirit comes out even in something as simple as that.

If you enjoy Conan O'Brien's sense of humour you might find clips of his visit to Cuba fun. There are a couple more that are not featured in this playlist.

Not fully clear, is it enough to go to the sale page from Top to benefit you, like for Amazon purchases?
By the way, I got directly the mail advertising the new book as I'm a customer of the previous (and of one of Peter's prints), but I refrained, thinking that something would have appeared here. It did faster than I expected.

Thanks for the heads up on that. Turnley and color.....wow, perfection.
Bought and paid!

Minor point, and not to take away from Peter's excellent work, Antonio Martorell, a Puertorrican graphic artist and an American citizen has had a number of shows there. Most recently in april 2014.

* Two book special available for U.S. orders only. :(

a "mini-portfolio" of your favourite pictures from the book, huh? Can't wait, but will just have to, I suppose. (Whinge, moan)

When you announced that you had news about a good friend of TOP's that we knew well, I thought that it was even odds for: Peter Turnley with more photos to blow our minds with, or Ctein with regular posts on aspects of photography most of us have never even considered, to do likewise. I knew I'd be happy either way.

Cuba is a very interesting place. My thoughts and pics...


Bought French Kiss ... loved it. My daughter aged 19 worked in Paris and fell in love with it ...

I gave her my "French Kiss" for X max!

Would love to buy the new book + French Kiss but no double deals for us poor guys on this side of the Channel.

I found the title of French Kiss limits its appeal and limited the number of people I could consider giving it to. I also find the current title rings more hollow than it should. Grace is a word that should carry a phrase, as is spirit. To use both diminishes the weight of either. I am not saying there is anything at all insincere about the title, just that lexically it could have been improved. I look forward to seeing the photographs which I have no doubt will be great.

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