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Friday, 14 August 2015


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I would say it is the other way round:
You are not a real photographer if you are spending your money for one of these...


Nothing says 'I Love You' like Macaroni

...or, if you have a measly $50k more and are a Nikon fan, this one:


Amazing that there seems to be a market for these...

The upside of this, at least for those of us with an iconoclastic bent, is that we get to reap the benefits of breaking such so-called rules without paying the consequences either way (i.e., the consequences of blind observance or willful non-compliance).

Yeah - got mine ordered already. Shame it has to be a Canon, though.

Even a "gold coloured" lowly Panasonic GH1 can cause quite a stir; whether in Sydney Australia, or Muscat in Oman, the color lead to some extra attention in a lot of places. Even some especially friendly treatment at Sydney Tower ;-)

Imagine, what real, shiny gold can do to your "personal image" (not the images in the camera).

Fred Picker should have known better. But he did bring excellent products to market, and his constant idea was "do your best", so I was/am willing to forgive his irascibilty, bluster, aand occasional wrong-headedness.

You'd be a real something, that's for sure.

(Possibly the most tasteless thing I've seen this week.)

Yes, I thought you fellers of excellent taste would love this.

I have seen a once-ounce Chinese Panda gold coin (almost half the weight of this abomination). It's well designed and drawn, and it even has matte areas. In short, it is really, honestly beautiful. It's hard to believe that something as patently ugly as this can be made from the same material.
The diamonds just prove the point. Whicever point you wish to make.

In Doonesbury, Donald Trump was showing a journalist around on his yacht. He kept talking about the incredible *quality* of everything. The journalist finally asked: "when you say "quality", you mean "ridiculously expensive", dont you?" Trump said: "Are there any other definitions?"

Thanks for reminding me of the Brikk Nikon - the pinnacle of unbelievable - I had a brief footle on their site, seeing what other wonders of understated good taste they had produced, and found this: http://www.brikk.com/store/p197/LUX_BUDDY_BELT_DOG_HARNESS.html

Don't you just want one? Obviously there are people out there who would consider Butters underdressed without one...

What's wrong with macaroni?
My mom is very good at cooking them.
Except, no cheese for me (two months ago I became allergic to milk and cheeses...).

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