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Tuesday, 18 August 2015


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I imagine being apart from the dogs has been the most difficult part of the move. I'm looking forward to seeing a reunion photo.

As always, a "rousing adventure" is reading about someone else having a rough time far away... so at least you are exploring other writing styles.

HI Mike:

Welcome back!

It was a treat to have Ctein leading things for a while but I have missed you. I'm glad that things are beginning to settle down and that the doggies will be back with you soon.

Best to you in your new home!


With luck this WILL be your last move for awhile. As Benjamin Franklin, not so famously, said: "Three removes equal a fire." I think you've hit your quota.

Congratulations Mike - I hope your new life is all you hope for and more.

Good luck Mike don't forget you are great in all this !

I knew Penn Yan rang a bell: http://pennyanboats.com/wood.htm

Welcome home.


I would think the midlife adventure would be more like purchasing a small, two seat, red, sports car.
However you have done it in style- a new, old house for you to sail on to new adventures. Enjoy.


Best of luck with closing, and getting moved in. Hope it goes as smoothly as possible.

Hip Hip Hooray!! Fingers-crossed it all goes smoothly. Hugs to the pups and a salute to you Mike, for showing the world a person can achieve their dreams one step at a time.

Hope you are right, but "midlife" seems a bit optomistic.

How it got that way? Dude, it was seized from either the Seneca or my Cayuga ancestors. It's that simple.

Clayton, "midlife" means after thirty and before a nursing home. :)

Mike, great news, and I look forward to you relaxing enough to finally take a photo walk around the neighborhood.

Hiatus is good, as long as it's not a hernia!

May happiness stalk you gently in your new home

Welcome home. I believe that this one will stick.

I see on Google maps, right in downtown Penn Yan: TOPs Friendly Market! This place was MADE for you Mike.

Go have a beer at Olney's Place when all is done. You deserve it!

I hope the settlement went smoothly, that you are now "in residence," that your pups are with you, that you are champing at the bit to go out and take pictures, and that you get your broadband connection. Good luck with all of it. When you get a chance to breath, post some pictures!

Thank you S. We see you have good influence on Mike. I think you all will love this place!

I think this is in your new neighbourhood... sounds like an interesting place!
Bonus Fact: Apparently, when it comes to the Rochester area and libraries, creativity is the norm. The Honeoye Public Library isn’t limited to books and the like; they also have about a half-dozen fishing rods and tackle boxes available to check out. The director of the library told NPR’s All Things Considered that one of the goals of the library is to help visitors learn about the community. The library is near the Finger Lakes, where fishing is common year-round, and loaning out fishing gear is, per NPR, “a way for the library to speak directly to the people they serve, where they’re serving them.”

Heartfelt congratulations on a good move!

Proud of you Mike, well done! It is good to see people I like taking big leaps.

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