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Sunday, 02 August 2015


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Did you really not document this adventure?
Not even with your new favorite gadget?
Say it isn't so.......
I hope you have a relaxing week, once you close, it starts again, along with a new photo op

Yup, the finger lakes region will inspire you to take pictures.


You want to take pictures in a more intense way? Your new countryside inspire you to photograph? I am glad for you,; it looks like you are a man in love.


Wonderful news to read! Hoorays to Michael and Emily Ray and to U-Haul customer service. It is so nice to read positive experiences, especially for you and the pups during this huge move. I recently had a yucky experience with an online pet supplier that was the opposite. I placed three orders in a two month period and two of these orders the shipping department could not get the service I paid for correctly even though it cost me extra mullah. So, Amazon.com has been and will continue to be where I purchase most of my pet supplies.

My German Shepard, Summer, is an excellent watch dog as well. She barks at the UPS truck brakes a block away. I have to tell her: “Its okay” multiple times to get her to hush when she is on alert. She always ends with the soft woof thing, but it is more like a “whatever” comment as if she has to have the last word.

I understand how a location can bring out the muse. I chose to relocate to the Florida Panhandle because of how the environment inspires me. I have lived in a lot of places, but the marsh lands and its nature; and the small southern towns and countryside of where I have been living for the past eight years is where my muse resides. How exciting it is to feel it upon arrival. I look forward to what lies up ahead for you photographically. I do not know if I will ever make it to the Finger Lakes, and hope you consider starting an online gallery presence when the time is right.

Enjoy your lake house vacation, and hoping your house closing “closes” without a hitch.


> When Lulu is scolded for barking she has a hilarious response—she
> barks with a soft, repressed "woof" that I swear is the canine
> equivalent to human whispering.

You've just reminded me about my last dog, a Staffie I had about 17 years ago. She did the exact same thing. Nice memory - cheers.

Take the photos NOW, before it becomes too familiar.

I've found that acclimation to that takes approximately 1.57 days. Sometimes faster.

...When Lulu is scolded for barking she has a hilarious response—she barks with a soft, repressed "woof" that I swear is the canine equivalent to human whispering...

My cat does the same - when he meows loudly in the middle of the night and I go "shh" he comes back with a soft, muffled "mrrp".

Welcome to NY Mike.

I've been in Santa Fe for ~4 years now, and about once a week, the sky and mountain interaction leaves me astonished. I don't do landscape, really, I just gape.

I may go down to the Santa Fe cathedral later today and light a candle for you, for the closing on your new house. Although, I guess I don't know if they have candles anymore. In any case, I hope that U-Haul doesn't become "home."

So glad to hear y'all made it there safely. Rest up, and best of luck with the closing, and then the start of this next phase of your life. All the best to S, as well.

Mike, I am happy to know of your safe arrival, and that things have gone so well so far.

Hint on exploring: each segment of East Lake Rd has its own personality. Plan on a lot of walks, at different times of the day.

We had our first visit to Penn Yan yesterday and drove along the east side of Keuka Lake. Wonderful scenic countryside! Lucky you to be close to Onley's Place where we had a terrific sandwich and draft beer while enjoying the view over the lake.

We took a number of mental pics of the Mennonites as they worked their way in buggies and bicycles up the hill out of Penn Yan to a Saturday evening gathering.

We also spent a good part of the day at the Glass Museum at Corning. Fabulous exhibits and demos.

I drove my 15 foot U-Haul from Brooklyn to just outside the SF Bay Area a week or two ago.i drove with my daughter through a bit of West Virginia, Indiana , then we took I 70 through St. Louis and Kansas City and on through Kansas because I absolutely love Kansas*, then through Denver and the most amazing part of the trip going from Denver to Las Vegas, switching to I 15 in missing the big fire on the eastbound lanes by less than 24 hours thankfully.

But did I get any photographs? Not hardly, I didn't take pictures of the thunderstorms from 100 miles away, didn't take pictures of Joshua trees, didn't take pictures of the giant solar power stations or wheat harvests or all the amazing old grain silos in Kansas because you know what, stopping a 15 foot U-Haul truck on the side of the road is just a really bad idea.

The drive from Denver to Las Vegas btw is really great, usually I go north of Nevada but after maybe 25 or thirty trips I got tired of that scenery and went south.

* it's what passes for exotic when you split your time between California and New York City I guess, but boy is it beautiful.

I'm pleased it went well for you Mike. Terrible cliche but they say a change is as good as a rest. A new chapter in your life is beginning and well deserved too!

Hey, man, you're a human!! Thank you for a really down-to earth story of how it is to change one's life. I look forward to your new-found vision of a new landscape.... totally different from the other blogs which just talk about gear and stuff you can find elsewhere. I (we.. my wife and I ) wish you wonderful futures. Show us some early pix, and let us see how your vision matures in your new environment. Sincerest best wishes from Australia, Bruce

Mike, now that you're about to become a photographer again, does this mean you'll get back into large format?

Your life gives new meaning to the phrase "long strange trip". Hope you are enjoying the ride-for the most part.

I'm pleased hear that your move is going smoothly so far. I also look forward to seeing if and/or how your new domicile changes your previous views about "scenic photography."

Good to hear it all went so well. Feeling inspired by your new playground is a terrific added bonus. And it sure makes our wait all the more bearable. Knowing you're doing well is even better than reading your prose and that's saying something, as I love reading your words.

Good news! I am sure you can almost hear the collective TOP readership's sigh of relief. My wife and I are excited for you. We are looking forward to seeing some images of this new TOP utopia.

Expect at least two years of landscape photography. The first year, areas you looked at and shot in one season will require additional pics in each of the other three. The second year you'll find pics you missed the first year and explore even more photogenic locations you didn't know about the first year. And, yes, depending on your level of activity, year 3 may be like year 2. Enjoy, its a great and varied area.

Congrats Mike, Moving is painful, but the results can make up for that!

So glad it went well. Enjoy your new life and post apicture of S!


Scared me for a moment, with the "15-foot" truck! Until I saw a bunch of stuff went into storage.

We used a 26-foot truck when we moved back to Minneapolis from Boston back in 1985. I'm pretty sure the amount of stuff has not decreased since.

"When Lulu is scolded for barking she has a hilarious response—she barks with a soft, repressed "woof" that I swear is the canine equivalent to human whispering."

My dog Heber does this same thing and I refer to it as a "whisper bark". He can't help it. He's got to get some barks in one way or another. He usually looks right at me afterwards with an ashamed look. It really is hilarious and makes me laugh often.

Glad to hear the move has been going well!


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