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Saturday, 22 August 2015


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Thank you for this photograph and permission to go out on the street with my camera. I really enjoy your postings and have for a long time. Regards, Ernest Theisen

Slow Motion Photo

No, Mike, that doesn't count as "street photography." In order for it to qualify as such, you would have had to shoot it with a well brassed Leica M6 loaded with Tri-X, and a 35mm lens. Publishing it on a Facebook "street photography" group would have helped, but you did none of the above.
As for the picture not having actually been shot on the street or including people - I'm sorry, but Lulu doesn't fall in this category -, it would have been overcome by the use of the Leica, so it wouldn't have really been an issue at all.
Congrats on the new old house. ;)

Move into your rural abode the day before "street photography day"? Boy is your timing messed up!

I'm primarily a nighttime photographer and as such, started quite early today, right around 1:30 am. Although I had to dash home for my backup camera after my primary one broke, I stayed out with my canine assistant, Miss Abby, walking around our neighborhood until 4:00 am, and came home with a few decent photos, including this one (IMO, of course!):

I took my camera on a nine mile round trip, to the shops today. I didn't take a photo until I was nearly home, in the alley just by my back garden fence. Then I took some photos. Maybe one or two are street photography.

I'm seeing empty bookcases in the background, bet that will change soon...

Here's one from today:
White Takes Rook

I had no idea it was Street Photography Day, though I was a diligent photographer and was out with my camera before sunrise. Shot nothing that would strictly fall in the street photography category, but...

This photo is of a chess table seat in Holmes Park in Melbourne, Florida.


No street, but car, and car that Mike likes, so hope that counts.

Street diorama

Great move, Mike.
Glad to hear your nomadic year is over!

Ah great! I have two entries this year, both taken today (8/22/15).

Summer's End

And this one in monochrome in honor of Mr. Monochrome.


Happy New Home, Mike!

Mike - Welcome back!
The new new home looks wonderful.
And the dogs look very happy in it.
One question I always feel the need to ask when i see photos of your house - don't you have dust at all in North America ? Or maybe the iPhone has some dust filter ?
Anyway, wish you all the best and waiting to read new posts, and, who knows, maybe get to visit you in some long long planned USA trip.
Your veteran reader -
Yoram Nevo

This snap has defined the year for me. Not exactly on the street, but in the style. I wanted the person to be somewhat ethereal while keeping the nature grounded; so I put the focus point not on the subject but on the background ~ though it's kinda hard to tell down-sampled this much.

Paris, 22 August 2015. Wishing everyone a wonderful Street Photography Day!


In front of the Apple Store (not, however, on Street Photography Day):

My contribution


Instead of street photography, how about sea photography?

I took this yesterday in Chinatown. In case it does not post, here is the URL:


My street, power lines and all. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153177890424426&set=a.58259479425.68343.665609425&type=1&theater>

Sort of street photography - my friend Richard Walls and I were selling photographs on the street and Richard took some street photographs of us selling photographs on the street - see here: https://anthonyshaughnessy.wordpress.com/2015/08/24/after-the-deluge-our-latest-art-market-outing/

Street photography day didn't quite end as we'd planned and we found that framed prints aren't waterproof :-(
(thanks to Richard for remembering his camera on the day)

Mike, there's an old B+W photo of a dog by a famous photographer (can't remember who) featuring a dog in the street looking almost exactly like your dog in the photo above - the dog, I seem to remember, has a large row of teats on its belly. Do you know it? My photo books are packed away for a house move so I can't go and look for it.

[Google "Daido Moriyama" and I'll bet you'll see it. Maybe? --Mike]

Yes, "Stray Dog" by Daido Moriyama. Not quite as I remembered it and I don't know where I got the image of the teats from (!) but it's close enough that you know what I meant.

Evening light in Edinburgh yesterday - junction of the Royal Mile and Cockburn Street during the Edinburgh Festivals.

Evening light in Edinburgh yesterday - shot at the junction of the Royal Mile and Cockburn Street during the Edinburgh Festivals

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