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Friday, 14 August 2015


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What a sad story. I always wanted to have one of his easels and one of his film washers, but I was never able to afford them at that time. His story is quite common, I had a friend who developed a clever and prosperous business related to import and distribution of car spare parts, but was swindled and betrayed repeated times to the point that he was unable to recover his company. His wife also left him because she couldn't tolerate not being rich. He finally died of cardiopulmonary complications, no doubt caused by his permanent state of depression. He was around 55.

The truth of fixer not settleing to the bottom in print washing has shattered a myth that I had taken as gospel for over fifty five years. Photographers are not chemists or chemical engineers. We "mix" chemistry only according to instructions on prepackaged packets or formulas. But life is like that. Especially when you discover that what was always known to be so, isn't. This means I can just wash my film reels in the Nikor tanks under the faucet and just dump and change every couple of minutes and not worry. Apparently I didn't worry that much about it because that's the way I've always done it. But I felt guilty. Now I don't have to. Thanks.

Methinks you can largely always compensate for 1 sensor size difference using lenses and various other features, but there is still a difference.

The difference between MFT and APSC is about 0.7 stops in terms of SNR, seemingly more in DR terms (depending on sensor).

If trading down from FF, you are losing 1.9 stops to MFT instead of 1.2 to APSC.

If trading up from 1", you are gaining 1.7 stops to APSC instead of 1 stop to MFT.

Either way, MFT psychologically seems like an odd place to stop, considering price and size wise there is no real difference between them and most APSC mirrorless cams.

Would probably buy a Panasonic GH4 if I were into video though.

As for Sony, looks they have left their APSC customers dangling.

Interesting article about Joe by Andy Grundberg from NYT in 1990...

Very, very heartfelt. Another great piece of writing. Thanks.

I am shocked! Twice shocked, since I great admire Joe’s work and person, and because I’m a quadruple bypass surgery survivor.
Various SaltHill equipments grace my darkroom, thanks for your reviews, Mike, and they are, truly, “The Celebration of Craft”.
Thank you very much, Joe Saltzer.

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