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Friday, 24 July 2015


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Best of luck and safe travels. TOP has been and will continue to be the break of perfect light that shines on my daily grind, keeping me motivated to photograph life as it happens.
Heads up on your travel through Indiana. I just spent a day, today, with my significant other, along the eastern shore of Lake Michigan. and we lost an hour plus in travel when heading east towards the L.P. of Michigan, due to construction. Be prepared for heavy traffic until you approach Michigan City.

Ugh, I wish you well. Don't hesitate to hire a couple people to help you load the van. It can save your back.

The bets we're placing, are as to when the next TOP move is! Next Summer? Earlier? Or later?!?

Your move sounds fairly easy compared with our less than two mile "flit". Then again, moving an educational establishment with thousands of Students and hundreds of Staff, that's been somewhere for 45+ years, is a slightly different scale. We've just finished week one of the (hopefully) three week move... into a building that's not yet finished. The week after that, the Lecturers return, and some of the Students start too. Challenging times.

Have spent 25 years working for the old place. Adding the three years spent as a Student, that's just over half a lifetime for me. There's mixed emotions here too. My new workshop will be a windowless box, so I'll miss my view to the hills. Then again that view was over the surrounding industrial estate, whereas the surrounding area for the new campus is lovely.

Best wishes to you and yours Mike. Enjoy the ride.

Sometimes moving means being alive!

Mike, I'd be lying if I said I don't have a slight feeling of disappointment that I won't be getting quite so much of my regular fix of TOP over the next few weeks (I guess there's always the archives...). On the other hand, I also have a sense of eager anticipation at seeing more of your pictures of the area around your new home, which from what you've shown us so far looks as though it has a lot of potential for some lovely and interesting landscapes.

So best of luck with the move, anyway!

Life gets in the way of things when you're doing something else!

Like moving house and home one third of the way across your continent!

I strongly admire your Taoist-like attitude toward life and I wish you safe travels! If your East coast side jaunt takes you in or near Philly, I would be honored to share some good coffee and good conversation.

As far as posting there's always Twitter. You can even insert a photo now and then.

Take your time. Go easy.

Welcome to New York, Mike! I moved to Albany last summer and love it here. I've lived near Waukesha and 15 years in Milwaukee; I think you'll find the winters easily tolerable and there is amazing natural beauty everywhere. Plus better bagels and coffee :)

I've moved like that in a rental truck, watch out for fatigue, rest often. Check the vehicle over at gas stations (tires, oil, etc.), sometimes they don't have the best maintenance. Take good care of the dogs so they can be happy companions. Keep a copy of their vaccination papers handy while traveling. If any issue comes up regarding the dogs you will likely be asked to prove vaccinations.

Be very aware of security for the truck with your belongings. They are enticing targets for thieves. I know 2 people who's moving trucks were stolen (yup, truck and all) while they were on the road. Ask hotel personnel for advice and keep an eye on it.

Easy does it. Hope you looked into "The Pod" storage and transfer systems. If the U-Haul truck is crap replace it before you depart. Traveling with pets takes an extra amount of extra caution. You can always get some Zs in a Walmart parking lot if needed. Looking forward to your good work in the future.
Safe Passage

Wow, nice collection of stuff!

in thinking about this, I've spent 24 years in NY state (0-22, 29-30), 24 in Wisconsin (24-29, 36-current), and the rest split between Philly and Boston. I'm very happy that you're getting to move to the Finger Lake district---it's a great area with full-year photographic interest and some very fine wineries. In fact, I'm jealous in that this is where my parents, brother, sister, and assorted nieces and inlaws live---and we don't visit them nearly as much as we should.

Fair winds for your travels, Mike!

Good luck Mike. I'm very happy for you. FYI, Motel 6 allows unlimited pets and they're very clean with free WiFi. I know because my family has moved cross country with our two dogs and three cats several times. Shortly after we moved to snooty Monterey, CA I got lots of funny looks from the moms at the park when my three year old daughter would demand that we play Motel 6.

Write when you can and don't stress. We'll be waiting for you on the other side. Moving can be a drain and a creativity killer.

Here's my favorite moving story. Funny thing, I didn't have time to blog about till a week or so after we moved in... http://www.photos4u2c.net/2011/04/09/breakdown-in-potter-nebraska/

Please posts snippets from the road so some of us know you and the pups are doing okay. Maybe a snapshot or two would suffice? Sending a big hug to help send you off. Stay safe and pet the pups along the way; its all going to be okay.

From the time we got married until establishing our current home, my wife and I moved a total of nine times. Each move was more excruciating than the previous one, largely due to the accumulation of stuff that needed moving, but also due to the progressively larger size of the roots being amputated.

We've agreed that if there's another move in our future, we'll burn our house to the ground and start from scratch. It'll be a lot easier.

Have a fun move and don't worry about the blog. People will come rushing back to read the minute you re-engage. My kid, Ben, is over in Saratoga Springs. The whole northern part of the state is beautiful. Let me know when you are settled and we'll see what we can arrange by way of a house warming drive by. Any excuse to get out of Texas for a few days....

I follow your blog because I'm a photo nut like you, Mike. But, I also enjoy all your off topic thoughts and adventures. And that is because you write well. Thank you.

Hooray for you. It takes a certain amount of guts to move. That may be the reason a few folks choose not to move. You should be proud to be one of the folks who will move.

Safe travels. Life's an adventure with many chapters. All the best on this new one.

Here's a little tune to cheer you along your way.

Safe journey!

I stumbled across the Kingslake work some while ago, it is an invaluable piece. And the sadness of the Building 53 implosion a week ago somehow makes it more poignant ... I knew it [the destruction] was coming, but still when the implosions started it was startling. I was sitting in the living room with my morning tea. I am a mile from that site as the crow flies, and could feel the floor and windows of my 1957-built ranch shake; the concussions hit my gut.


Having moved several times with a rented truck, I have but one word of advice: watch them low bridges--they can get expensive.

For example:


Travel safe.


"Keuka Lake wine trail"
Wow! You don't need another reason to move there

First post here, Mike. Good luck with the move & best wishes for the future. Graeme

Have a safe safe trip, and try not to get too stressed.

After all, the omens are good. Not only is your local "summer grocery store" a TOP (The Olney Place), but the supermarket in Penn Yan is TOPS.

Just got home last night from a week at Keuka, beautiful weather, nice water (they say - I don't indulge in immersion).

Good luck. And that quote for WS is now going on my son's wall!

Have a safe trip Mike. To cheer you up just think that you don't have to do it in winter. We will be waiting for you and look forward to a "trip report". It should provide material for several posts.

Good luck with your move Mike. Twice in less than a year! She is obviously worth it.

have a pleasant and safe trip. Best wishes


When you get settled and are looking for a good and somewhat-local coffee roaster, head to the town of Painted Post, near Corning, and stop at Heavenly Cup. I stumbled upon this shop when I went to the Dr. Konstantin Frank winery almost two years ago, and I continue to buy from them by mail order. Amy, the roaster, always pens a nice personal greeting on the receipt - her way of personalizing the e-commerce experience.

We'll be expecting to see you in Toronto! Especially during Contact season.

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