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Wednesday, 15 July 2015


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Dear Jeff Bezos,

Remember the good old days when a day sale meant that everything that was on sale was on sale all day? You know, respectful of the customer who has to fit shopping in amongst other life obligations?

I do have some available cash and you do sell products I'm interested in purchasing.

However, what I don't have is a day to spend logged into your site refreshing the browser again and again to see if an item I'm interested in is a "lightning deal" for the next hour. Your unwillingness to inform me in advance of the items on sale (you know, like the grocery store circular) combined with the narrow window in which items are discounted is a genuine disservice to many customers. Thanks to the way you chose to set this up, it's unlikely I'll be spending any money at your site today.

You can call it "prime" all you want, but it sure doesn't feel like top-shelf customer treatment to me.

(Yes, I know this is not the first or last sale to be run this way. That doesn't mean I have to like it!)

Thanks for the heads up! Amazon itself has been splashing this all over its listings... As a long-standing, regular shopper on Amazon, though, I'm not yet convinced by Prime. Amazon UK offers free shipping anyway - you just receive your purchases a bit less quickly (and, with low-value items, you need to spend over a certain amount - very easy to do!). I'll start paying Amazon 'prime' money when it starts offering me 'prime' services, such as accurate, stable listings for classical CDs, and FLACs instead of mp3s. (This mini-rant is directed at Amazon, of course, not you. Love TOP!) Best wishes, (Grumpy) Nick

If you stream video Prime is also a good deal on top of all the other perks.

I glanced through this sale this morning. I wasn't impressed. But I did end up buying a "Camera Technology" Kindle book through your link, Mike! Thanks for the tip!

Well that was supremely underwhelming. On the upside - didn't have to use any of my pre-concocted camera buying excuses with the wife !

nothing to buy... move along

What a bunch of grumps! Amazon seems like one of the wonders of the modern world to me ....

At the moment Amazon Prime appears to be the most cost effective cloud storage there is - unlimited for £80 per year. Others may be free or cheaper initially, however once you get past the initial quota, pricing can get hefty.

I currently have some 4tb of DNG files on Amazon - not sure if all RAW formats are allowed for free. Video isn't.

It took around 4 months (pretty much constant running) to upload 4tb, but worked well most of the time unattended. Wouldn't rely on this as my sole backup (how long would a complete download take?!) but it is great to be able access individual files from anywhere, using a mobile if necessary.

Oh - anyone thinking of doing this would be wise to organise material into an obvious manageable structure before hand - I use subdirectories for year, month and day

The only thing I wanted was an Echo, but they were sold out long before the Wast coast woke up. Sigh.

To quote Kate Knibbs at Gizmodo: "All week, Amazon promoted its Prime Day sale as a `bigger than Black Friday' shopping bonanza. But today, a lot of the discounts look like they fell off a truck headed to a poorly regulated flea market for sad people held in a dumpster."

Interesting thing about Amazon buyers. My FedEx print order package yesterday came much later than usual. The driver said that's because Wednesday is the day with the most packages from Amazon--almost the whole truck is Amazon orders--because everyone buys on the weekend, they choose two-day delivery, and all the packages go out on Monday. So, when you see a FedEx truck passing by on a Wednesday, know that it's probably full of Amazon weekend buys. Maybe yours.

I tried, Mike, but Amazon won't work for me. I joined Prime because I wanted the $79 Kindle. But no matter how many times I clicked Add to Cart, it wouldn't. It showed Offer 98% Full but there was no room for me. I gave up in disgust.

Now I have to figure out how to cancel my Prime membership. I'm not paying $99 per year for empty promises and refusals to ship to Australia. I've had it with Amazon.

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