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Wednesday, 29 July 2015


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Good luck as you embark on the journey, Mike - your upstate-NY readership (myself included) is looking forward to having you join us!

Very well done, Lillian!
It looks like they are even higher quality and good looking binders. That sort of thing is important.

You should photograph all the pages with your iPhone and make a giant pdf document :)

My rule for magazines is, if there are three or more articles I want to keep, I'll keep the whole magazine. It's probably similar to what you've had done here, though It is probably time I did it again.

I recently bought a copy of Amateur Photographer from around the time when I first starting buying it in 1972 or 73, and it's interesting to look at the advertisments, as I know rather more now than I did then.

Awesome sight! For those of us who live with a certain mount of perma-clutter, this is a thing of beauty.

As to loading trucks: be careful of your back. Unless the "we" is the royal we and is actually "they" as in, "The Movers." Ugh. I hate moving. Sympathy, empathy..really about a dozen "pathy-s". Good luck!

Mike, I have a significant number of Camera & Darkroom issues. Let me know if I can fill in some of the gaps. My copies are well thumbed but intact.

I actually did this through-out the 1990's with photo and business articles I wanted to keep, I realized there had to be a better way than saving the whole mag...but then, after 10 years of this, I was up to 20 binders. When I moved to DC in 1999, I took a cursory glance at the whole thing, I realized I couldn't figure out why I was saving them, and that they'd eventually all be on line.

It's different for your own creativity, tho, it's a perfect way to save your original stuff. I try to tell my staff of young photographers to not only save their published work, but to scan in the pages and store as .pdf's; you never know when you might be called on to show how your work was used.

I also used Schley's methodology when I was working on organizing my buddy's self produced 'zines' from the 1980's-90's; they make those 8.5 X 11 pages large enough to put a magazine in!

"Trucks," as in plural? Did you press Xander into driving one?

We made our move from NY to NM in two trips. I drove a rental truck and my wife drove my pickup on the first trip. Since we hadn't decided if we we were going to buy or build, we parked them at the motel until we found a place to rent. Then we unpacked at the rental house and drove a rental car back to NY. A couple weeks later, I left with another truck, towing my wife's car on a flat bed trailer; and she flew out with the pets. I was so eager to get here, that I drove the last 1100 miles straight through. I'll never forget pulling into Colorado as the sun rose, lighting up the front range.

Enjoy the experience, Mike.

I recently went on a job interview for a commercial photographer teacher. When the secretary called to make the appointment I asked her if an online or thumb drive portfolio would be adequate, but a physical portfolio was requested. Well I had not put one together in years, so I went through a few boxes looking for various tear sheets and examples, and made fifteen prints of recent work. I was able to locate enough for a decent portfolio and the interview went well. One thing I discovered from this recent collection of archived material is just how long I have been involved with photography (and commercial art). Good thing Lillian has done a lot of the collecting for you, because you just never know the value of it. One item I included in my portfolio for this job interview was my teacher certification which I was told was nice, but was not necessary.

Dear Mike,

What latent_image said. I've got a complete run of C&D and dupes of most of the issues. If you're missing something, send us a list.

pax / Ctein

Lillian did a fantastic job. Good luck with the move, Mike!!!!

Mike. sometime when you have time, post a list of missing articles. I'll bet your TOP readers can come up with most of them.

Clearly Mike has learned how to circumvent The First Law of Gaseous Bric-A-Brac.
"Stuff expands to fill the space allotted".

Good grief, I remember that article in B&W Photography.

Had a picture of a girl in it wearing a white shirt with her hand on her hip?

With regards to the magazine, I have to say the 'lack' of print quality on the article went over my head. The later change to very thin paper stock they started to use several years ago, which rippled by the time I received my sub copy, meant I cancelled.

It's still going though, last I heard.

I started subscribing in the late 1980's to Darkroom Techniques/Photo Techniques (incl predecessors/successors). After carting around 2 decades of magazines (all the issues), and facing another move, I recycled almost all of them last week. It was hard to do.

I have been lurking here to get some of what those magazines provided (you & Ctein included).

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