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Friday, 24 July 2015


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I went for road in the rain too, and am *very* pleased by both Kate's work and Ctein's. It's off to be framed tomorrow.


Received! Immensely happy. Thank you Kate, Ctein & Michael.

Kate was very happy with the results of the sale.

As am I. I got two prints -- the cow with rainbow and the bird in the window -- and they're lovely.

Thanks to all.

I got mine a couple of weeks ago and there's so much magic in them I wouldn't be surprised if I developed some supernatural powers just by spending so much time near them.
In other words, I'm very happy with them.

I bought "Cow looking back" and it's great.
Printing and packing done very well too.
Thanks team :-)

Very glad to finally buy a print and see for myself what I had been reading about for years on this blog, thanks Ctein!

The excellent packaging was also a nice touch.

I had seen that another Kirkwood sale is being considered, and that next sale can't get here soon enough. Thanks again Mike, Ctein, Ms Kirkwood.

- A satisfied TOP customer

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