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Thursday, 16 July 2015


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Amazon a modern wonder? There's an awful lot of reasons to think Amazon is yet another corporate enemy of society and civilised behaviour:


Can I recommend you use Mike's links to buy anything by Naomi Klein? No Logo would be a good start, then maybe This Changes Everything.

I hear ya. I recently moved and it made me think that I really could/should do with less stuff. But I have the luxury of slow selling and careful dumping. The film dev stuff needs to go simply because I don\t have the time for it anymore due to changes in life, but I do feel nostalgic about it. I admire Ctein's ruthlessness in moving on to new tools.

It's not you, Mike, it was Amazon. And, by the way, Congratulations on the move, the GF, the new life, TOP's success... everything!

I would say to Dan that it's possible to be both disappointed by Amazon's cynical, over-hyped garage sale and appreciative of its existence and services. In fact, I suspect that the disappointment was in most cases proportional to one's general regard for Amazon.

In his defense, however, Amazon's own comparisons with Black Friday should have clued in veteran Amazoners (Amazonians? Amazoneers? I give up.) that the really good deals would be few and brief. The "event" wasn't aimed at the already assimilated.

I'm glad the darkroom equipment is going to good homes!

I have nearly the same enlarger (mine is the standard model that takes regular variable contrast filters in a drawer) with Schneider and Rodenstock lenses. Also an 11x14 Versalab archival print washer and other assorted darkroom goodies. I've tried to give them away and had no luck locally. I'm also unwilling to ship so the market is pretty non-existent. What really bothers me the most is how I struggled with second-hand and second-rate darkroom gear for 30 years before putting together a nice outfit only to use it about a year before totally switching to digital. I really need to cart all this stuff to Goodwill if they'll take it.

Mike said: "I'm a bit appalled what a bad shopper I look like when I survey my possessions."

My shopping habits have changed as I've gotten old. Books are being replaced by e-books. No more music or video CD/DVD, iTunes and NetFlix take up much less space.

Also no speakers, headphones work just fine, and are easier to pack for a move. Audiophile gear has been replaced with an iPod Touch (that fits in a pocket). No television set, my 27" iMac is both a computer and an entertainment center.

Technology is making this easier—things are getting smaller/lighter/better, and less expensive.

"...things are getting smaller/lighter/better..."

Almost universally smaller and lighter, but only sometimes better. While their possessions mostly shed size and weight, consumers frequently lose discernment. Quality of things, as measured by durability and performance, has gone down as much as it's increased.

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