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Monday, 20 July 2015


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I sold my JOBO ATL 1000 earlier this year dirt cheap because I was tired of it looking back at me. I have reels and tanks yet to sell and I'll bet I will get more for them than I asked for the entire unit. I still have a stash of B&W 120 and 4x5" film in the freezer, but sold the last 4x5" film camera in 2014. I recently bought a new Hassy digital back for my MF tech camera and then a Hassy 500 series camera and portrait lens showed up just in case I want to start a portrait project with the B&W 120. Why is it so hard to give up the idea of not being able to shoot at least B&W film? Good luck with your darkroom sale; you've got a few gems in that pile.


It is great to hear your voice!

(big smile) Well, well, this is the first time we've heard your voice, as distinct from hearing your words. Funny, I always thought you had a neutral mid-Atlantic accent with something of an Australian bias. And deeper. (big grin) I'll never be able to hear your words in the same way from now on.

Gotta say, it feels a bit nostalgic seeing all that stuff. Little absolute overlap (I think the Gra-Lab and the Kodak thermometer are the only two exact pieces in common), but the general feel and theme are very similar.

I'm old-school on the tanks, though -- plastic caps for stainless-steel developing tanks are completely and utterly out of the question. Probably, with modern plastics, they could make something that would last for a while, and you're right about the advantage of not leaking. However, the only plastic lids for tanks I actually used were absolute crap, in that one of them actually split in two on me once. So never again, metal tops only. (Since the tanks stand in a water bath when I'm using them, the outside isn't dry anyway.)

Thanks for posting this. I often get nostalgic for my Dektol days, but your comments about temperature calibration and t-square borders reminded me how good we have it now in these digital days.

In the eight or so years that I've been reading this blog, I think this is the first time I've heard your voice, Mike.

You sound less curmudgeonly than I imagined! (I jest, probably.)

I hope the packing/moving is going well.

Would $25 for the densitometer be TOO lowball?



PS Sorry to hear you're leaving Wisconsin!

Lest I appear too miserly, I just gave away most of my darkroom equipment to a local high school - where, I'm happy to report, traditional darkroom is still being taught. I donated my Beseler 23CII with 50 and 80mm Nikkor lenses, full set of Ilford filters, 3 8x10 safelights, 4 5x7's, Saunders easel, trays, timer, paper safe. I kept my Nikkor reels and Weston dial thermometers, still like to shoot b/w and scan it.

A new camera store, yes, an honest-to-god camera store, can't justifying buying old film cameras. But he accepts them and makes them available free to the students at the high school three blocks away. At the end of the term, the students may keep the cameras at no charge, or return them for the next batch of kids.

It's a win-win... the students are motivated and excited to learn the basics of photography.

Mike- Although this was not your intended purpose, I enjoyed looking at all this familiar equipment I have not seen or thought about in a long time. Also, I have been reading your words for years, but never heard your voice! I was surprised that your voice also sounded very familiar! No need to be nervous at all... hope you do some more video/audio at some point!

I truly wish I could come and help you Mike with your move. Working together on such a project is how I like to get to know folks. But alas, I cannot travel even for the shortest time. It makes me sad.
I have a bunch of the same darkroom equipment, in a box. Will probably have to go to the dump someday. Sigh.
Good luck on your big adventure, I hope everything falls your way.

Holy cr**! Good luck to you.

I enjoyed darkroom work but I don't miss it. What I miss is working late into the night in a shared facility with other students.

Mike, good luck on the move, and here's wishing you the best on getting all the details settled. I'm sure you are way beyond stressed right now. I know I would be.

My wife and I just came back from exploring East Lake Road, and drooling at some of the properties we saw. Often right next to what looks like a 1930's fishing shack! We've got three adjacent houses for the week, sufficient for the 20 to 30 of us. (The head count is in constant flux).

You'll have fun here.

I totally understand, Mike. Best wishes in your next chapter!


Well that's fun. Long-time readers like myself know how you write, and how you look, but this is my (and likely many others') first experience with how you sound.

The Internet is weird like that. You have a sense of really knowing someone, at least in how they express themselves, and then you realize that you had no idea what they actually sound like.

What a great video! I loved hearing your voice. I never imagined it to be like that, I don't know why I say that, but I do. It must have been difficult to do that and talk to yourself, but you made no mistakes at all (was that your only take?). Goes to show how well you know this equipment.

Whenever I read what you write from now on, I can hear that voice narrating it out to me. That alone has made my day.

Cheers, Pak

Donate it to a state college, they would love to get it but usually you would have to drop it off and it seems that you have no time.
About moving - Angie's List, I found a great mover and they can hold your stuff but only for a specified time without have to pay extra.
Good Luck!

Good luck Mike & take care of yourself. The one time I tried moving myself, with help from only one old friend, it dang near killed me. And I was younger and fitter then, with less stuff. Thank the Gods for storage containers...

It's interesting to finally hear your voice Mike. You sound nothing like I imagined you would.

You have my total sympathy for your moving situation. You will just have to relax and expect it all to work out OK, though you may have no idea how that can be...

Donate the lot to a school and write it off as a donation on your '15 1041. By the way, having just moved over the past year, your moving expenses are deductible, including mileage.

Do you need help! I'm here for you.

I just experienced a moment of fan boy ecstasy. Hearing your voice for the first time was very gratifying. I've been reading you every week since I was a teen and I'm almost thirty. Your inimitable musings on cameras, photography, and life have become an integral and important part of my life, and now you have a voice! So cool. It feels like the time I finally saw a photo of Terry Gross after years of only hearing her. A bit of a shock to the system.

Your voice does not match my imagination (expect a bit deeper) but the way you introduce is very you. Nice sale and wish your move not too hard.

I'll be the voice of negativity for a moment, but this whole move seems faught with danger or an uninspected middle crisis or something. Sell your house with nowhere to move? Yikes!! Anyway...

Do you have ABF out there. This is a trucking company that will drop off a trailer like a half semi in length and leave for you to fill, then pick up and drop at your new location for you to unpack. Similar to pack rat but the box trailer is bigger.

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