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Wednesday, 03 June 2015


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I wish Phase One offered a selfie stick!

Wow! Replies to two topics in one!

1. How I ended up with a selfie stick.

When I first saw this young woman with her selfie stick hanging around at a very famous photogenic spot, internal judgement alarm bells went off. But I was wrong. She was using it creatively as an extension of her arm to take very close-up/macro shots/videos.

So I then of course needed one in my bag of tricks.

2. I believe this qualifies as a non cliché image of Weston Beach. \;~)>

He'd better enjoy it while he can -- they'll soon be replaced with drones: http://www.theverge.com/2015/5/12/8586105/lily-drone-throw-flying-camera-autonomous

No, Martin Parr likes selfie sticks because he has found yet another way to mock the people he takes pictures of.

Excellent. The man is a genius.

Thanks for the link to Martin Parr's site Mike. A dash of serendipity led me to his 2010 list of art and documentary photography clichés http://www.martinparr.com/2011/photographic-cliches/

If you are beautiful and talented enough, you don't need a stick.

[Shot before the artificial selfie aids existed. /;-|> ]

Martin Parr has also an article on clichés on his site: http://www.martinparr.com/2011/photographic-cliches/
His other articles are interesting as well, and his writing resembles his photography.

"No, Martin Parr likes selfie sticks because he has found yet another way to mock the people he takes pictures of."

I'd not heard of Martin Parr before and just read the article. It doesn't make completely clear to me that mocking his subjects is a primary goal of his work.

Nonetheless, in my opinion, tourists taking "selfies," with or without sticks, deserve all the mocking they might get. :-)

I'm finishing up a two-week tour through France and Italy tonight. I think an interesting short film could be made in which a person buys every selfie stick they are offered in Venice, Paris, Florence, Rome, etc. Over the course of a week, the resulting haul would fill a 23-window VW Microbus nicely.

Parr is pretty controversial, and I would say I have an instinctive ughhh reaction to his work. I knew that selfie shot was his as soon as I saw it as it - even in a small way - made fun of the people who are his subject matter, I think. If you google his images there are many pictures of overweight, working class, people. With no 'taste', But beautifully shot and very distinctive.

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