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Tuesday, 02 June 2015


Nondescript overweight blonde women with their hair in a ponytail wearing sunglasses and leggings trying to look glamorous. Actually, I'm just tired of seeing that at all.

Bee and flower.

I spent an hour one day getting a decent picture of a bee flying near a flower. It was an exercise of the "If I can't take a technically difficult picture of a bee flying near a flower, I'm not much of a photographer" type.

Among aviation photographers, aircraft landing at Philipsburg/St. Maarten airport are an important subset of "airplane, landing" clichés.

Off-kilter, weird, ironic, photographic artist, junk.

Work that deals with change, memory, loss, and the worst, a sense of place

Back-lit sheep.

Seagull on a pier.

Antelope Canyon. Yes, I know it is a slot canyon, but it deserves a cliche category all its own.

You can't get through an art fair without seeing at least one or more Antelope Canyon shots.

Funny thing is, they are still best-sellers. Even Alain Briot of http://beautiful-landscape.com admits it is still one of his favorite locations.

Had I a day or two to do nothing I am sure I could come up with a meaningful and original image of each of the 36 cliches with names attached that all would recognize. I was once tempted to forbid people from bringing in pictures of trees to class. Of course while i was mulling over this fascist possibility someone brought in a picture of a tree I had to have...

What happened to star burst filters?
Due a cliche comeback perhaps.

We need to think radically. I think the new frontier is hyper-cliche photography: I see a cat, random passers-by, a nude in high heels and a broken-down tractor all posed together on an Icelandic beach. At sunset.

Some guy on the street smoking.

Photos of random objects in someone's living room using a prime lens wide open so hardly any of the photo is in focus - just to show you how 'awesome' the bokeh is! Flickr is full of these pictures.

Making a heart shape with your hands. Just about as f*****g irritating as selfies!

Portraits, har, har! Almost every photographer since photography began has been snapping them!

Monument Valley, with extra points for some impending meterological event (eg, approaching storm, big puffy clouds, sunset, sunrise...)

Rodeo shots with slow shutter speeds such that the picaresque subjects are kind of streaky.

Natural stone arches in this or that national park. Props if you use a wide angle lens and depict star trails in a nighttime exposure.

A foreground silhouette of any subject you like, as long as you can cut and paste it onto a spectacularly saturated background sunset.

Wrinkled face in paifully sharp b&w

List grows bigger and bigger, it's good to see.
Here's my take on cliches

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