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Thursday, 18 June 2015


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Just one more moderately long post will make that Vanity Fair cover scroll out of sight. Please . . .

Please post more frequently, Mike. It'll push that Jenner cover photo down the page to where I won't have to see it every time I visit TOP.

I have a recollection of this discussion when 12 went to 18 went to 24 went to 36 and presumably 4 to 8 before that. Presumably in the chemical world the 4x5 users wonder about the point of 8x10.

I like the car analogy. I would think of it in Range Rover terms: extremely capable off-road but never taken off the asphalt.

I have one by the way and the IQ is brilliant. I often crop severely and all those pixels come in handy when you do that.

Mike, I think you should come up with a car analogy for all the cameras you like to discuss. What's the Miata of cameras? What's the late-50s T-bird or the 68 Mustang fastback?

And, Edd Fuller -- yes, yes, yes. As I said elsewhere: I'm totally shocked and disgusted that Bruce Jenner decided to transform himself into...a 30-year-old.

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